Whaaah, I just saw a bear!

My mind is somewhere else, I’m daydreaming, not thinking of anything at all. An easy hike on a forest road and then suddenly there is something brown, something big coming out of the bushes. O o. It steps right in front of me on my path. 

Ten meters away. I freeze. Is it a wild boar? A deer? NO a bear! Aaahh, a bear! He hasn’t seen me. What to do? Don’t panic, but before I can think of what to do I turn around and walk slowly away. I hear him. Running. O o o. Away from me.

I look over my shoulder to get a glimpse. Yes, it really really is a bear! A beautiful brown bear. I start shaking. Oefff. Haha, jeeej! I just saw a bear!!

A bit nervous, but with a big big smile on my face I go on. Yes, in the bears direction. Singing out loud. “Always look on the bright side of life..” is the only song that pops up. “Pidompidompidompidompidom”.

2 thoughts on “Whaaah, I just saw a bear!

  1. Thea Smeele Reply

    De beer had nog geen honger.Loop daar maar niet in de winter.Daar ben ik bang voor,zo helemaal alleen.Liefs oma.

  2. […] klink nu misschien heel stoer, maar toen ik oog in oog met een beer kwam te staan, ging mijn hart be... evadinaricaproject.com/nl/2016/10/04/beren-bomen-en-kettingzagen

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