Did it! Amsterdam – Sarajevo, (almost) 4000 kilometers on foot

The 24th of March I left Amsterdam to hike for a while. “Walking back to the Balkans”. Why? Because I can, because I like hiking. Because it’s slow, because it’s a perfect way to really see a country. To feel and experience. Because I feel good, being “on the road”. And because I thought it would be a good idea to (re)discover my own country, before heading off to the Balkans.

In this blog I try to give an impression of my journey. I created a video for each country I crossed. Since I’m not carrying a computer with me, I do everything on my smartphone. Writing, blogging, filming and also all the photos I took are shot with my phone. Of course I would like to have the coolest gear to make real bad-ass movies and pictures, but I also believe that it is important to create something personal. That’s why I choose to add music I have been listening to, music that tells something about how I felt. Music that is in a way related to that part of my journey.

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Feet, FiveFingers and sandals

A couple of years ago, I started taking feet photos. I stole this idea of a couple of friends who jokingly took photos of their feet instead of landscapes and the atmosphere. They added texts to them such as “feet in Limburg”, “feet at Lowlands” (a Dutch music festival), “feet at the camp site”, “feet in the pub”.  This was before the rise of Facebook and long before the selfie hype. more “Feet, FiveFingers and sandals”