From marathon to burn-out

After having fiddled around on bare feet and borrowed FiveFingers, I thought it was time to participate in a ‘small run’. With the 100 days programme of Sportrusten, Ruth Langemeijer has helped me to arrange a training schedule for the half marathon. I have learned not only to run in a new way, but also to breathe in a new way. An ideal combination, as it turned out, to train and monitor my body. I was making progress, I was doing great! Former running injuries kept quiet, and I finished easily. Finally I understood what runners meant when they say ‘I can still run for hours‘. more “From marathon to burn-out”

Full fear ahead!

Two days after writing my first blog, I ended up giving well-meant advice myself. It is good to be a listener and to be sympathetic, but on the other hand, you’d want to help someone. That shows that you actually care about someone. It shows you believe in them. more “Full fear ahead!”