Incredible Croatian Karst

The Via Dinarica is a trail that is still in progress, only in Bosnia and Herzegovina the White Trail is officially open. In the other four countries the route is a combination of old existing trails that all together form a corridor through the Dinarides. With a distance of almost 600 kilometers, the Croatian section covers the largest part of the Via Dinarica.

Although the hiking paths between well-known areas like Dinara, Paklenica, Velebit and Risnjak are often overgrown or don’t exist at all, it has been wonderful to hike and experience this part of the White Trail. To be able to enjoy it the best I could, I choose to walk it my way. more “Incredible Croatian Karst”

Velebitski Planinarski Put

Now I’m finished with the Croatian part of the Via Dinarica White Trail and looking back on the (almost) two months I spend in this beautiful country, I realize that Velebit made a huge impression in me. I can’t really explain why, so that’s why I will make a photo essay before I try to write about it… more “Velebitski Planinarski Put”


“No way! That can’t be…” There was a couple hiking towards me that looked exactly like Sean and Lois. “Ohhh, it would be great to see them again” and I more “HikeVibes! “

Ivine Vodice​​

“What is Ivine Vodice like?”

“Well, it is not as beautiful as this place”, the guy said while pointing at planinarsko sklonište Struge.

“Let’s say it is dirty, really dirty. But you’ll survive.”

“Great.” I looked at Caroline and saw a worried look in her eyes. Struge is a great place, but beautiful is a big word.

more “Ivine Vodice​​”

Bloody Bura

I’m almost back in track. After a week not hiking, just hitchhiking, I looked forward to go up into the mountains again. “But it will rain on Monday.” “I don’t care, rain is not my worst enemy. I’m from The Netherlands..” more “Bloody Bura”

4 Days in Paklenica NP

Jeej, I got company! No, she is not really an hiker or outdoorsie type, but she is my oldest friend… Why is everybody asking? When are you a hiker? What is a real hiker? Are there any rules? Hmm, I think I actually don’t really care. After almost 900K of solo-hiking, my BFF Caroline joined me in Starigrad, super exiting. New company, new spirit, new challenges. New ADVENTURE. Paklenica, here we come! more “4 Days in Paklenica NP”

Mali Princ

I’m in Velebit in a sweet little shelter on a fantastic spot with white rocks pointing out of the forest all around me. Wooden wildlife keeps me company. Other than that, I’m all alone. more “Mali Princ”