Via Dinarica

During the summer of 2016 I hiked a new long distance trail, the Via Dinarica White Trail. A very promising and adventurous route that finds its way along countless different mountain ranges, ridges, cliffs, canyons, valleys, rivers, lakes and prominent peaks in the Dinaric Alps. Equipped with a big backpack, two pair of Vibram FiveFinger-shoes and a super-the-luxe GPS device I crossed the Balkans from Albania through Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia all the way to Slovenia.

A journey of almost 1500 kilometers through Europe’s largest Karstfield. During those days on the trail, I tumbled from one bizarre situation into the other, the extraordinary encounters seemed to be endless and I completely immersed myself in all the local customs and traditions.

With my stories, I take you to the Balkans, to the mountains and to a trail which is so much more than just a trail …

"Eva, do you want to come to the Polhanje tonight?" Uhhh, for a second I'm confused. Polh, is that the

"I'm on my way to Slovenia. Hitchhiking the last bit, it's raining cats and dogs..." Jep, I'm cheating. Either I

My mind is somewhere else, I'm daydreaming, not thinking of anything at all. An easy hike on a forest road

Velika Kapela. This part is something special. You're just a little ride away from the coast and even closer to

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