Via Dinarica

During the summer of 2016 I hiked a new long distance trail, the Via Dinarica White Trail. A very promising and adventurous route that finds its way along countless different mountain ranges, ridges, cliffs, canyons, valleys, rivers, lakes and prominent peaks in the Dinaric Alps. Equipped with a big backpack, two pair of Vibram FiveFinger-shoes and a super-the-luxe GPS device I crossed the Balkans from Albania through Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia all the way to Slovenia.

A journey of almost 1500 kilometers through Europe’s largest Karstfield. During those days on the trail, I tumbled from one bizarre situation into the other, the extraordinary encounters seemed to be endless and I completely immersed myself in all the local customs and traditions.

With my stories, I take you to the Balkans, to the mountains and to a trail which is so much more than just a trail …

"Eva, do you want to come to the Polhanje tonight?" Uhhh, for a second I'm confused. Polh, is that the

The Via Dinarica is a trail that is still in progress, only in Bosnia and Herzegovina the White Trail is

"I'm on my way to Slovenia. Hitchhiking the last bit, it's raining cats and dogs..." Jep, I'm cheating. Either I

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