Biking to the Black Sea and Back Home

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BLOG | BLACK SEA BIKING ADVENTURE | Biking to the Black Sea and Back Home

I was dreaming of an adventure. A big adventure. A biking adventure. A bike across Europe to the Black Sea biking adventure… The months before my departure were filled with working, preparing, packing and more working. I saved every penny, hoping that it would buy me enough time. Time I could spend traveling, being on the road, having my adventure.

My Black Sea Biking Adventure

The third of April I opened my front door, got on my new, still unnamed bike and started to pedal. Off to the Black Sea. For about 5 months I’ve been cycling. From Amsterdam to Rome, further along the coast to Croatia, up north via Slovenia to Vienna where I picked up the Danube Cycling Route all the way to the Black Sea. After a short break, I decided to bike back home as well. Why not? With the Limes Cycling Route I continued my journey across Europe. Romania, Hungary, Austria, Germany and last but not least, The Netherlands. 10.000 Kilometer – Biking to the Black Sea and Back Home – here’s a photo story to give you an impression. Enjoy the ride!

They say that there is no such thing as bad weather…

But despite the endlessly cold, rainy April days, I enjoyed. I appreciated the little things. That magical moment when the sun starts to warm your freezing cold feet. The evening sun with its’s last bit of warmth, shining right on your camp spot. That one unexpected meaningful encounter or just the smile, my smile, the fact that I’m smiling. Big, small – smiling a smile.

I felt strong! I felt good. I felt tired. I felt sad. I felt puzzled. I felt sweaty. And I felt hungry.

I was alone, but not lonely. I was searching, but not lost. When I felt sad, it was alright. I felt it all. It all felt real and all of it together was a true adventure. My Black Sea biking Adventure.

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