Meeting Miss “Adventure is my Middlename” in Budapest

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BLOG | Meeting Miss "Adventure is my Middlename" in Budapest

July 2012, Meeting ˝Miss Adventure is my Middlename˝ in Budapest!

Already on my way back from the Black Sea, miss “Adventure is my middle name” decided to pay me visit and bought a last minute ticket to Budapest. Due to her superb planning and organizational skills, we managed to explore the city ánd its surroundings in only three days time. Spending time city-tripping with a close friend was a welcome change after being on the road for almost four months. Spending time with a close friend who’s always up for an adventure was absolutely the best present I could get!

Backyard camping

Seeing the sights

Taking a bath

Head out into the hills and hitting the wall

Being tourists in Szentendre

And feeding ourselves – finishing all the plates… A little bit of everything and a whole lot of meat!

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