Although I would love to hike the complete Alta Via Dolomiti, I knew that I could never convince my friend to join me on a trip like that. Every year we plan a little trip together. Do something memorable. 4 hours, 4 days or 2 weeks, it doesn’t matter. We know each other since we are four or five years old, it’s a beautiful thing to have a history with someone that goes back that far. Even more beautiful when it’s a history full of adventure. We are dreaming of spending the winter on Gran Canaria for ages (and it probably will be), but we can still do that when we are old. So this year it would be a trekking through the mountains, the Italian Dolomites! Hiking the Alta Via Dolomiti. The first trekking together and Caroline’s first trekking ever. Let the adventure begin!!

Alta Via Dolomiti in Images

Ready for a Panda ride to the mountains?!
Ready for a Panda ride to the mountains?!
On the road, Zugspitse
On the road – Bavarian Alps, view on the Zugspitze (Germany)

Day 1. Pragser Wildsee – Rifugio Biella

Lago di Braies
Start of the trail, Pragser Wildsee
Alta Via Dolomiti
First signpost, Alta Via Dolomiti
Rif. Biella
Rifugio Biella, the game is ON!

Day 2. Rifugio Biella – Rifugio Ucia de Fanes

BLOG | Ode to friendship
Day 2. Getting started with coffee and maps.
Ucia Fodara Fedla
Ucia Fodara Fedla
Rif. Ucia de Fanes
Uhh, we did hike in between lunch and beer. Really!

Day 3. Rifugio Ucia de Fanes – camping Sass Dlacia

Rif. Ucia de Fanes
Gooood morning!
Almighty Mountains
Almighty Mountains
Fanes - Sennes - Braies
That mountain is on the map!
4 Days hiking on the Alta Via Dolomiti
Alta Via Dolomiti!
Hiking the Dolomiti
Stop and stare
camping city girl
Wait, I’ve done this before, trust me.

Day 4. Camping Sass Dlacia – hitch-hiking/bus/train & walk to the Pragser Wildsee.

Almighty Nature
Almighty Nature
Pragser Wilsee
Back where we’ve started. Pragser Wildsee. The End


  1. Hi Eva! Amazing photos. I wanted to ask you: was it difficult to figure out a way back from the Camping Sass Dlacia to the Pragser Wildsee? We’re hoping to do a similar route as you, but this is the one part we can’t really seem to figure out. Would love to hear more about how you did this part if you’re willing to share!

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