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BLOG | Balkan mini Roadtrip: Cetinje - Durmitor - Sarajevo

August 2015, One week with two friends in the Balkans. After being on the bike for almost seven weeks, I managed to meet two friends in Cetinje, Montenegro. If my bike and its wheels, all the packs and I would fit in the car, I could join them on their roadtrip to Sarajevo. If not, I had ten days to get myself back to Amsterdam.

The end of Bikram Biking, the start of a roadtrip – Pick up @Cetinje, Montenegro

Although it was strange to have my bike sitting next to me, it was exactly what I needed. Being on the road with my bike, without being the driver or navigator. Having realized that, I paused my head for a week and let my friends lead the way.


SEDLO Durmitor National Park
Mountain pass in Durmitor
Hiking in Durmitor National Park
Hike and Pose #1
Durmotor hike to Prutaš
Hike & Pose #2
Durmotor hike to Prutaš #3
Hike & Pose #3

On the road

Kids sell fruit on the side of the road
Boys on the road
Mountains, clouds and horses
Mountains, clouds and horses
The road from Šćepan Polje to Sarajevo
The road from Šćepan Polje to Sarajevo


Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Jori helps me to put my bike back together
Bringing my bike back to life
Leaving Sarajevo on the bike
The end

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