Two days after writing my first blog, I ended up giving well-meant advice myself. It is good to be a listener and to be sympathetic, but on the other hand, you’d want to help someone. That shows that you actually care about someone. It shows you believe in them.

As my dad told me last week: “Conversations with friends don’t serve as therapy. Your friends are there to talk to and with and to hold up that mirror to you, because they are simply better at doing so thank you.” And this is true. In my crying friend, I see a beautiful girl who has got so much to give. I admire her and I’m proud of her. She’s stopped seeing it, she’s stopped feeling it, she thinks there’s nothing she can do or add any more.

I know that people can tell you a thousand times that you’re great, that you’re a strong and amazing person, but that may not always give you the feeling they’re talking about you. Because, if they really knew you, they’d know that their description is wrong. But it’s not. Your friends will only find you stronger and more amazing when they really know you. So, my advice:

Dance with your fear

Talk to your concerns

Life may be tough

but every cloud has a silver lining


Translated by Daphne Liedekerken

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