My plan is to walk the VIA DINARICA white trail this summer. It is a challenge and a new adventure, but I mostly look at it as a journey. A hike through the Dinaric Alps from Albania to Slovenia which I want to complete wearing minimal FiveFinger shoes. It’s my goal to support the Via Dinarica initiative.

With this long distance hiking trail they form a natural and cultural corridor, they connect the countries of former Yugoslavia and give the economy a new boost. The trail traverses the highest mountains of the western Balkans and it crosses through countless national parks. Via Dinarica connects land, nature, culture, people and tradition. It’s a platform that supports the development of local eco-tourism and works on building trails and maintaining the environment and the national parks.

During my Black Sea Biking adventure a few years ago, the Balkans stole my heart. My fascination has been growing ever since and I kept on coming back. Last year, during my summer holiday Bikram Biking trip, I fell in love with Bosnia and Herzegovina. I felt the urge to stay longer, to discover, I wanted to walk through the mountains instead of looking at them… When I found out about the Via Dinarica, a long distance trail through those mountains I’ve been passing by on my bike, a new plan was born. Via Dinarica inspired me to actually DO something with this fascination.

I would like to help and bring Via Dinarica under the attention by sharing my story. An adventure is waiting, in the mean time I’ll be thinking-feeling-writing.

Prutaš, Durmitor Montenegro
Prutaš, Durmitor Montenegro

What kind of project am I talking about?

Another happiness project of someone who is looking, searching, finding oneself? Who is that person and who’s project is it? Of a naive dreamer who wants to for fill her ideals without being judged? A typical successful thirty-something person who wonders: is this it? Is this the life I’m going to live the upcoming years? Of a woman who has seen the light and finally decides to choose for herself? Of an adventurer, a tough chick who is going to stir things up and chooses the exit “freedom”?

Maybe, maybe it’s a little bit of all. Maybe I AM al little bit of all. But this project isn’t all about me; Eva. It’s also about you; other dreamers, other thirty-something people, other men and women, other tough chicks and all the male versions of them. Other adventurers, hikers, bikers, runners, nature lovers and mountaineers. It’s about everyone who is looking for something and everybody who is not.

It would be awesome if I manage to inspire others. I imagine inspiration to be something that makes  you move, bubble, burn, desire, strive, believe and connect. I’m trying to share a little bit of all those things; my inspirations. I share what inspires me and sure enough it will lead to something new…

Therefore, it’s a personal project as well. I believe I should do this in a personal way, because I am more than a “persona”. Yes I am wondering who I am and what to do with my life, what moves me. I am trying to find answers and solutions for my doubts, my ‘Yeahh-but, what ifs’. I am asking myself a lot of questions. What kind of creature am I? What have I done so far, in the only life I have got? In what kind of world do I live?

By approaching it in a positive way, I can enjoy the process. It is absolutely great I’ve got time to think about those things and to me it’s worth a lot that I am becoming more aware and conscious. Things are good and I feel save – even though I’m afraid, insecure and having doubts –  I do feel a strength and an unexplainable trust in that strength. My personal way means that I’m being vulnerable, open and honest. I want to be genuine. I no longer just want to show my tough and strong outside, I want to embrace what’s inside as well.

All of this is the EVAdinarica Project, perhaps a happiness project indeed!

(Translated by Sytske)
Hike & Pose #3

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