A couple of years ago, a nice guy asked me at our date what I dream of. Whether I had dreams and what those were. I took it too literally, so I told him that I had a lot of dreams. “I dream pretty much always,” I said. He asked me to give an example, so I did. “One of the dreams I am having since I was a little girl, is that I am being followed by a dinosaur. By now, I can run a lot faster, but even more importantly, I can call myself to order. I can remind myself that dinosaurs have been extinct for a while already, and the chance is very low that I will find such a hungry, prehistorical creature chasing me to eat me. In my sleep I realize that it’s just a dream. But the annoying thing is, that my dream doesn’t bother. On the moment that I decide to stand still, the dinosaur keeps running and bites me in my arm. And then I wake up.”

My date looked at me confused. “Uhh, actually I didn’t mean… I actually wanted to know if you have dreams, something you dream about, like, something you would like to achieve, something you believe in.” Ooooh, I was terribly ashamed. Quickly I made up that I would like to organize cycling holidays for children. Preferably children who would otherwise stay at home all summer, but eventually I would ask everyone to experience a cycling holiday. Of course, this wasn’t completely made up, I would really like to do it, but have never seen it as a dream.

Dreaming and believing. You can believe in something and dream of something. And you can believe in your dreams.

Think big, but keep it simple. I expect that all in good time, everything will settle. Like a puzzle. That is what I rely on. Trusting my intuition. You shouldn’t let things run, but with a bit of patience, trust and courage, you can achieve the things you dream of, I hope. In this respect, is it useful to dream of achievable things. But I believe that it’s harmless to fantasize secretly.

What do you believe in? was the second question, the answer of which you could write on a card to be exhibited together with the quotes of Munch and van Gogh. I believe that everyone can mean something. In whatever way. I believe that there’s something good in every person. Is that what I believe in? In people? In myself? I would like to.

Do I have confidence? Yes, really? Why? Because I believe? Am I being moved by something in which I believe or something I hope? Hope and desire. Is it our urges and desires that incite us to action and perhaps cause us to dream and fantasize. In search. Asking questions and reflect. Would it help if everyone asked themselves this kind of questions? I don’t think so.

I am not religious, I don’t believe in God. Though, I think that every person does believe in something. Just like the fact that every person is moved by something. In this regard, I could perhaps call myself a believer. Or at least credulous.

Translated by Hester Falkena

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