I am not the only one, but will we work it out together?

The Chicks Love Food burger is the symbol for perfectionism, a need for control and the perception from which we reason and make assumptions. We are talking about dead plants that we keep giving water and the thin ice we are skating on. About authors who keep trying to help us with stories about goats and pieces of advice from experience experts in their self-help books. Not being the only ones is comforting, but also frustrating. The impossible, powerless feeling that we can’t change the world around us, thus having to let go. Leaving backpacks with lumber at the bus stop. Living in the present, waiting mindfully in front of the singing tea kettle until the water boils…

We try to become bored, but we are too saturated. Too stuffed to sit still. Too restless without a phone. Surprised by the possibilities and choices you ought to make sensibly. Expectations that are continually waiting in ambush to obstruct you in your freedom and from enjoying the moment. It’s never just good, it’s never just enough. We are making ourselves believe that we can always do better – have to – should – want to. It is making us dead tired. And then we ask ourselves whether this is it. Is this it? Does it stay like this? The rest of my life?! The midlife crisis has moved to the generation of the 30-year-olds, a quarter life crisis. So we have conversations in which we wire sentences with metaphors, clichés, quotes and lessons for life from other people.

But fortunately, we are not alone. And not the only ones. Nonetheless, I would like to mount my immunity.

Translated by Hester Falkena

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