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It’s not just a trail and it’s not just a project. The Via Dinarica inspired me to move, to make a change, to keep on going. It’s not about the finishline, it’s the journey that counts. My ‘Dinarica’ journey started on the 8th of november when I opened my diary and started writing again. “Brainstorm. Walking the trail. Alone. Summer 2016. Blog. Share & Inspire. Connecting Naturally. What’s my mission? What do I want? And why? How am I going to do this? Promote – Vision – Via Dinarica – Passion – the Balkans. Authenticity. Who am I?” I don’t know the destination and I can hardly see the path. But I’m getting there, I’ll find the courage to explore and to enjoy. Want to follow along?

Walking the Via Dinarica from Albania to Slovenia to discover and promote the western Balkans and it’s wilderness.

Inspire people, spreading the word by blogging and using social media.

Share my story.

Feel ultimately connected, wearing my Vibram Five Fingers shoes.

Why? Because I fell in love with the Balkans, I’m inspired by Via Dinarica and I’m always up for a new adventure.

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