I’m confused. I’m excited and a bit nervous, but there is also an indescribable calmness which comes from a deeper place. Wow, seriously? Am I writing this or truly feeling it?

The internet is flooded with quotes about life. Life learning, life lessons, life skills, life truths, life-changing books and of course lifestyle. All there to help you, support you, guide you towards. Towards what? Self-improvement?

Innertrail is a small company that organizes 3-day hiking trips to help you connect with yourself, nature and others. My first response was to ignore their stand on the mountaineering event, but instead I stopped and started talking to them. The only reason not to stop, would be the fact that I feel uncomfortable admitting that the word innertrail is exactly what’s my project is about. It’s what got me started. And it’s what keeps me going.

I’m glad that I’m not the only one who reads self-help books and likes to ponder and wonder about the why’s and how’s. But at some point, this abundance of advice is almost counterproductive for me. It’s absolutely impossible to learn and live up to all the “7, 26, 33 or 50 life most important, powerful and essential lessons”, but new lists keep on showing up.

Are they still helpful? Or are the writers only showing off?

Instead of being annoyed and judging, I try to smile when I read yet another cliché life motto. To be honest, I started to like them. The bottom line is, they’re well-intentioned and come from a good place. How could I dislike that?

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