After a fruitfull ˝business˝ meeting  I slowly walked back to Den Haag Central Station. I of course new that the sea was close by, but I didn’t make any plans, because the weather was too unpredictable.. Right in front the main entrance of the train station, I suddenly saw a bus with Kijkduin on its front window. “Are you going to the sea?” I asked the bus driver. He did, so I hopped on that bus and got myself a nice ride to the North Sea.

Blown away by the an incredible strong wind, I could hardly move forward or backwards. Clouds turned the sky into a deep grey colour while the sun tried shine through on the other side. While holding my poncho with both hands I crawled my way through the sand dunes. Halfway the sun seem to give up and a heavy hailstorm took over.

Although this probably doesn’t sound like pleasant walk at all, I enjoyed every step. Exactly sixty minutes later I arrived in Scheveningen and took a tram back to the train station. Exhausted and sandblasted, but with a big smile on my face I closed my eyes and felt unbelievably satisfied.

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No-budget Adventurer in love with the Balkans

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