I met Mårten at Trnovačko jezero in Montenegro. We were both travelling alone, hiking. After a coffee and a chat, we decided to cross the border to Bosnia and Herzegovina together. A great hike, a great day and good company. These are his words, his thoughts, his answer to my question.

“What moves you”, you ask. I tell you; because of a number of things.

I travel because of the things I want to see, old buildings, ancient mountains.

I travel because of the people I wouldn´t meet otherwise.

I travel because I like the aesthetics of travelling. Early morning at a train station, sun in your eyes and a bad coffee. Speaker voice telling that the train to Chengdu is leaving now.

Simple reasons all, I do not escape terror, nor do I move to support my family. Sometimes I feel ashamed traveling have become so easy for us.

When moving is so easy travelling now and the becomes a natural part of life. Why one move, is then no longer the most important question. What is important in life is why you stay.

I stay because of the difference I can do in children´s life as a teacher.

I stay because of the people who´s company I never grow tired of, in spite of the years.

Yeah, I stayed one day extra in Popov Most for your company.

By Mårten Ahlstrand

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  1. What moves me ?
    Good question, in fact two questions in one.
    If you mean physically the answer is simple, less and less, due to my age and a couple of minor burdens.
    Does that stop me from being moved, héll no.
    Mentally I’m still moved every day, moment, feeling, smell.
    That’s why we moved from Holland to Dalmatia, because I simple need being moved.
    It’s as basic breathing, eating, drinking, sleeping, so even though I may be moving less, I love life here.
    And just recently a véry special guest moved me and my wife.
    Keep moving Eva, keep moving.

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