The aesthetics of travelling

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I met Mårten at Trnovačko jezero in Montenegro. We were both travelling alone, hiking. After a coffee and a chat, we decided to cross the border to Bosnia and Herzegovina together. A great hike, a great day and good company. These are his words, his thoughts, his answer to my question.

“What moves you”, you ask. I tell you; because of a number of things.

I travel because of the things I want to see, old buildings, ancient mountains.

I travel because of the people I wouldn´t meet otherwise.

I travel because I like the aesthetics of travelling. Early morning at a train station, sun in your eyes and a bad coffee. Speaker voice telling that the train to Chengdu is leaving now.

Simple reasons all, I do not escape terror, nor do I move to support my family. Sometimes I feel ashamed traveling have become so easy for us.

When moving is so easy travelling now and the becomes a naturall part of life. Why one move, is then no longer the most important question. What is important in life is why you stay.

I stay because of the difference I can do in children´s life as ateacher.

I stay because of the people who´s company I never grow tired of, in spite of the years.

Yeah, I stayed one day extra in Popov Most for your company.

By Mårten Ahlstrand

Storyteller // Adventurer // Coffee, Mountains, Barefoot & Balkanlover

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