Why I hike? Because I can.

I hike because decided I could. I, at least could give it a go. Try.

The simplicity of putting one foot in front of the other. Slow pace. Strong nature. Little me.

This trail, these mountains, the Balkans and yes, the actual hiking are ingredients. And tools.

They get me somewhere, bring me something.

I hike because I can.


  1. […] Het antwoord begint zich te vormen. En blijft zich vormen. Een paar maanden geleden schreef ik “I hike because I can”. Waarom niet, zolang het kan? Er zijn zoveel redenen. Gewoon omdat het kan of omdat ik het leuk […]

  2. I like that line: “They get me somewhere, bring me something.” It resonates with so much truth. Happiness is to be found in the simplest, closer to the heart things. Thanks for your blog, Eva, it has inspired me to hike and be young again!


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Hiking & Biking the Balkans

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