Avoiding the bad parts of the trail sounded like an easy way out. Cheating maybe. Skip the “not ready to hike yet” sections and continue with the nice parts.

But what if it’s impossible to get to the trail-head of the nice parts? The cars don’t stop, the buses don’t bring you where you want to be, don’t go where you want to go, or don’t go at all? Well, then you’re driving around in circles. Round and round until you decide to give up.

I gave up. I gave up trying to find a ride and I continued hiking. Yes, I avoid the bad parts and skip the hiking trail. I hike the road. And I actually have to confess that I like it. It’s beautiful here. The mountains are next to me on the right side and the sea is left, much more down. The road passes sweet little villages with friendly, easy going people. Occasionally there is a coffee bar and if not, someone invites me in.

I enjoy it. I’m still hiking, connecting, passing through the country. I’m still surrounded by nature. I only miss out on the struggle of finding the trail, following a path, searching for marks, fighting the plants and climbing fallen trees.. Too bad.

There is nothing wrong with the road to Krivi Put. I’m finding my way. Round and round. Up and down. Right or wrong. I’m on the way.

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Hiking & Biking the Balkans

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