Ljubljana full of Life

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Warm autumn colors, short October days and a dear friend from The Netherlands. The grey rainy sky gives us a beautiful nostalgic feeling. Ljubljana is one of my favorite Middle European cities. It’s small, it’s sweet and even in Autumn it’s full of life.

The quiet neighborhood where we stay, about 30 minutes from the city centre
Tivoli city park
Central Market
Under an umbrella
View from Nebotičnik, Ljubljana’s skyscraper
Ljubljanica River
Cloudy Ljubljanica
Sunny Ljubljanica

One year ago (plus 3 months) I stood at this exact same spot. Then I had to hide from a heavy July rain, now it’s a sweet sunny October day. While standing there, I realized how much happened and how much has changed in those 15 months. No wonder that I need time to stand still every now and then. Pause to look up before I go forward again.

Look UP

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