I’ve been a bit quiet the last few weeks. No new stories and no updates. I divide my time between Sarajevo and Zagreb. Between writing and hiking. Travel up and down, pay a visit to the mountains now and then and meet lots of old and new friends. But what am I up to? I, most of the time, don’t even know myself. All I know is that and don’t want to go back yet.

The photo on the left is taken on the first day of a new year. A few years ago. There is no relation to the story I’m writing now, except that today feel like the first day of a new year. In fact it is much closer to the end of an old year. It’s December after all. And that tells me that it actually doesn’t matter what day or what year it is. Or what month, but what does count is time.

I just received an email that I can rent my apartment for another year. I just got another year of time. Time I can spend the way I want to. Of course, I can also do that in the Netherlands, but I want to be here. I want to be on the road and I want to follow the road wherever it leads me to. So, what am I up to? Hmm, something with biking and mountains perhaps a bit of hiking and working in between. Haha, or climbing.

But first finish what I started. Complete my Via Dinarica journey by writing the last blogs about Slovenia, upload information about the trail on the OutdoorActive platform and share my story with those who would like to read or hear about it. Where? From anywhere. Wherever I am.

To be continued.


  1. Hoe woon je daar dan? Ik dacht je bent met Kerst thuis. Ik zie je daar nog gaan wonen. Maar als je daar gelukkig bent moet je het doen.Ik hou van je.Kus oma.

  2. […] In eerste instanie voor acht maanden, maar na het lopen van de Via Dinarica belsoot ik er nog een jaartje aan vast te plakken. Dat jaartje is nu bijna voorbij. Ik heb dus een jaar lang de tijd gehad om uit te vogelen wat ik […]

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