Sarajevo City Escape: Into the White Bosnian Mountains

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What to do with Christmas and New Year Eve… Same question every year.. Well, since I’m not home or walking home for Christmas, I thought it would be best to escape the city and plan a little trip to the mountains. Apparently I’m not the only one who liked the idea of getting away, my oldest friend from Amsterdam, Caroline, flew to Sarajevo and accompanied me on this beautiful, but freezing cold winter holiday in the Bosnian mountains. The great thing about Sarajevo is that within thirty minutes you’re in a complete different world. Vukov Konak, a traditional Bosnian Mountain Inn, was the destination.

Run & Jump
the Green Trail is White
Dark clouds above Crepoljsko

The second day wass so super sunny, unbelievable what a difference with the day before. Sill pretty cold though!
White asphalt 😉
Typical Bosnian haystacks


Sun & Snow, wrapped in scarfs Selfie 🙂

They say that there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes… On the other hand, there is also a thing called GOOD weather, right? If there is no bad, there is also no good. Or does it mean that it is always good? But then it’s all the same. Every day. Hmm, I don’t agree. For me, some days are good, some are bad and some are absolutely fantastic. Like this last day of the year. Best Wishes!

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