Looking back on June: Hiking Germany and oh hello summer!

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Looking back on June: Hiking Germany and oh hello summer!

At the end of the month I like to look back on what I’ve done and where I’ve been. On how I felt and what was on my mind. It turned out that my Instagram pictures actually gives a pretty good impression. So, I decided to put them together in a blog post. Here’s June.


Bärenbrünnerhof, I love those misty days in the forest!
Dahner felsen, those rocks rock 🙂

Hello wine fields! After a week hiking through the dense Pfälzer forest, this was the view when I got out. Wow, such an huge open space. And wow, a wine valley! At the horizon, that dark blue line, that’s the Black forest…

View from Yburg, Schwarzwald

Jeej, my first climb up in the Black Forest. Or actually the second, see that little tower thingie on the green hill? Thát was the first 🙂

Winden, Baden Wurtenburg: Intensely enjoying this tentview.
Westweg, colourful Black Forest
Fairytale valley

How sweet!! This so not what I thought the Black Forest would be like!

I see layers 🙂 #panoramatrail

Camping my way through the Black Forest, oww sweet life. It’s funny that most people ask if I’m not afraid, alone, camping… Well, honestly I sleep at the most beautiful places, it’s too sweet out here to be afraid 🙂

Haus Tibet, an unbelievable peaceful place. Made for hikers, pilgrims, trekkers and whoever needs a bit of quiet time. Well, I did. After hiking from the Titisee though the Wutachschlucht I started to dislike people. That’s what touristy places do to me. And then this showed up. A “rastplatz” in a woodshed. A fridge filled with cold drinks, cheese and chocolate. A fruit basket, coffee, tea and flowers on the table. And… and silence. “Serve yourself”. Wow. Smiling a big big smile 🙂


Apparently it’s cherry-season… I’m on a campsite at the Bodensee and guess what, there are cherry trees all over the place! Never had so many cherries, mnom mnom 🙂 I think I actually never picked cherries before. No really. It’s one of the things I like about long trekkings, you see the seasons ánd the food that comes with the season change. In my case a slow trek on foot, is the best way to learn new things or (re)discover things you’ve always taken for granted. Like fruit you buy in the supermarket.

Mammern, Bodensee
Midsummer evening thoughts

“The days are long, the years are short.” Are they? Time flies. Hours, days, weeks, months, years… I’m already three months “on the road”, (!) Walking from Amsterdam to the Balkans. And exactly one year and 10 days ago, I started hiking the Via Dinarica. That has been a lot of hiking in one year and still haven’t got enough. Time is less important while you walk. Daylight on the other hand… So, yes indeed, those lovely June days are long! But short years? I don’t know…


Via Alpina Buchboden

Although there are many many other beautiful places, whenever I’m in the mountains my heart beats faster, starts to jump. Jeej! Can’t stop smiling. Stand still, turn around and look up. Oehh, these giants.

Via Alpina Vorarlberg

I’m on the Via Alpina, a long distance trail through the Alps. From Feldkirch I hiked through the lovely Walsertal and further up towards the higher mountains. Vorarlberg It’s a fantastic scenery, rough and sweet at the same time. Strong, beautiful nature. Pointy peaks, green, rocky mountains and flowers everywhere. The well marked trail (which I managed to loose three times) is such a great pleasure to hike. Oehh, I enjoy every step. And this is only my third day.

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