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At the end of the month I like to look back on what I’ve done and where I’ve been. On how I felt and what was on my mind. It turned out that my Instagram pictures actually gives a pretty good impression. So, I decided to put them together in a blog post. Here’s August.



Yeheahhh, I’m in the Dolomites! A few years ago I hiked the Alta Via Dolomiti 1 and it feels special to be here again. The Via Alpina follows this route from Pragser Wildsee (Lago di Braies) to the Seekofelhütte (Rifugio Biella), a pretty climb from the crowded lake to the quiet mountains.

I like coming back to places, it brings back memories and it somehow shows a personal development. In terms of hiking(skills), but also my attitude, growth, confidence. Stuff like that. I’m thankful for being here. For being able to be here. And for bringing extra water, so I didn’t have to buy the overpriced bottles at the hut ;-).

Fanes-Sennes-Prags Nature Park. Time for coffee 🙂

Red landslide, pretty impressive.
And kind of beautiful… Officially this part of the route is closed, but it is possible to hike around it. That’s what I did. It felt safe at that moment. About an hour later though, I heard a lot of noise. I mean, really looooot of noise. It was an huge rockfall and it went on and on. That scared me. Not much later a helicopter flew around the area.

I packed my stuff and hurried to the valley. That night there was a storm. A big storm. Not far from where I camped, half a mountain came down. Ok, that’s a little exaggerated, but there has been en enormous rockfall-landslide-stone-avalanche or whatever you call it that covers the road to Dobacio for at least half a kilometre. Very very impressive. This is nature. Unbelievably strong nature. So, next time when a hiking trail is closed, I probably take the detour…


Oh, what a night… I don’t really like storms, especially the lightnings give me the shivers, but I’m usually not afraid. Until this night I was. Lightning, thunder, rain, wind. Non stop. Full on. Party time in the mountains, for sure. At one point my tent seem to be floating, that actually scared me the most. So much water! Without giving it a second thought, I packed the nessecary things and run away. The rest of the night I’ve been hiding in a cave. Really, that’s how bad it was. (This photo was taken before the storm.)

Drei Zinnen beauty #dolomitisuperski

Up to Filmoor

Just like every other day I try to find a balance between hiking and writing. Between being here and being in my head. Hiking is a process, just like writing. It does go very well together, but I have to confess that it happens that the stories I want to tell, distract me from the path I’m on. The stories form themselves when I hike, but at the same time it makes me forget about where I am at that moment. So, the balance. That’s a challenge.

On hiking trails like this one, there’s no space for pondering. You have to watch every step. That might sound scary, but it feels great. The focus. The elements. The trail. Forget about everything, just keep on going.

Traversata Carnica, Giramonda pass

And then suddenly there were sheep. Sheep sheep sheep, e-ve-ry-where. #whogoesfirst #trafficjam #viaalpina


Zollnersee Hütte

Good morning! Yes, I put my tent on the other side of the fence. You’re not gonna get me 😉

Carnic Alps

“Today you’ll leave the big mountains behind. It’s only getting flatter, until Triglav, the Dolomites of Slovenia.” Austrians don’t know what flat is. I mean, yes it’s not steep and yes, there’s no snow, but I’m still on 2000meters. That can’t be flat. Can it? Not for a Dutch girl.

Naßfeld pass, it’s the little things

Got some new followers 🙂


I’m heading towards the 3000 kilometers and still hiking on my FiveFingers. “Are they any good?” people often ask, especially now I taped them. “Oh yes they are!” They’re good and they’re fun.

The fabric between the toes is the weakest, so I use ducktape to keep my toes inside, but soles are strong. Thin, but strong. I’m surprised how long they last. Not only did I hike many many miles, the terrain is rough and super diverse. I never have any problems with that. And even now they are really really used and indeed falling apart, they keep me going.

Hopefully I (we) make it to Sarajevo (still about a 1000K to go…) and if not, I’ll have to continue barefoot 😉

Happy hiker

I decided to hike half days, even now the weather is good. Great actually. After a certain time, a strange tiredness kicks in, I had that several times this trip. It’s not physically or a one night bad sleep kind of tiredness. I think it has to do with being busy all day, experiencing new things every day. Meeting people, watching the weather, finding the path. Finding your way. And so, hiking half days gives me a bit of rest. Rest and time to sit, soak up and to give all the impressions a place.

Karnischer Höhenweg

Last bit of the Karnischer Höhenweg, I’m gonna miss the cows! They have been my side everything single day. Always eating, moehhhh-ing and klingeling. Rain, sun, wind, hail, thunder. They are there. So, here’s one more cow shot. Just because.


Via Alpina Hiking girls

We “met” on Facebook, two girls hiking the Via Alpina. Same route in opposite direction. We had no idea where (and if) our paths would cross and then in Triglav it happened. While I was taking a break, not paying attention, Karina walked by… And turned around 🙂

I’m blessed with amazing weather in Triglav National Park, it makes everything so much easier. Pure joy! This is the third time I’m here, first I biked up the Vršič pass, then I made a mini roadtrip through Slovenia and now I’m hiking. What’s next? Climbing?!

Škrbina pass, Triglav

And then there was karst. Maybe it’s because of the Dinaric Alps and all the good memories of my Via Dinarica hike that love love love karst mountains. Or maybe it’s just because it’s so super beautiful. Here I semi accidentally left the Via Alpina and went up to the Škrbina pass. The 10th stage of the Via Alpina red trail is a kind of tricky 8-10 hour hike on an exposed ridge. Probably extremely beautiful, but also dangerous with bad weather. And guess what’s on the menu. Jep, thunderstorms. Blehh.

There are pro’s and con’s about following a route. Actually the pro’s are at the same time the con’s. You know exactly what’s coming when it comes to the altitude, the distance, facilities, difficulties etc. You don’t have to think of where to go, you just follow the description and the blazings. But after a while I start to miss the creativity of finding your own route. The not knowing what will come and not knowing what you miss. This view was totally unexpected and totally amazing. With a little detour I still can go back to the Via Alpina. If I want to. I’ll see what I feel like tomorrow.

Fifty shades of green on the E7 from Razor to Petrovo Brdo

These are the good things: finding out that your camelbag wasn’t closed properly, but knowing that everything will be dry in a minute. Skipping a potential beautiful hike on a ridge, but finding a grocery store (that sells cookies) on your alternative route. Hiking for three hours through a dark forest and get an awesome coffee break location as a reward. And last, but not least: order a cup of coffee and get the pot (đezva) for a refill.

Slovenia is full of surprises, I like 🙂 💚

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