Looking back on December: From Zagreb to Amsterdam into a New Year

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Standing still. Looking back. At the end of the month I like to look back on what I’ve done and where I’ve been. On how I felt and what was on my mind. It turned out that my Instagram pictures actually give a pretty good impression. So, I decided to put them together in a blog post. December has been a busy month. Not because of the holidays, but because I went back to The Netherlands to empty my apartment. I got rid of almost all my stuff. Oeff. Unfortunately I didn’t post much on Instagram. Therefore, I’ll add some non-Instagram-photos in this overview to give you an idea what I have been up to. Ok, here I go, looking back on December 2017. 

Zagreb, Croatia

Looking back on December: In Zagreb, Croatia
Back in Zagreb, I like 🙂 For some reason I didn’t take any photos yet, so this is an oldie, but hey, it’s Thursday! #TBT


“Wow, such good weather! I’m gonna go for a walk to Sljeme, feel like going together?” Clear blue sky, mount Medvednica in the backyard and a new friend with the same passion for everything outdoors. How did I ended up here? On days like this I have to pinch myself to assure that it’s really real. It is. I’m here. We’re here. It’s real.

Looking back on December: working on my Outdooractive tours, Belgium
While in Zagreb, I’m busy uploading (practical) information about my hiking adventure from Amsterdam to Sarajevo on the Outdooractive platform. It’s fun to go back in time, re-live every single day on the trail. It’s sort of a closure, my way to give the whole experience a place. To store those memories. Feels like I have to clean up that room before I can create new ones. ~~~~~ This was in Belgium, somewhere in April. Beautiful cold morning on the Sentier de L’Ourthe (GR57), a long distance trail the crosses the entire Ardennes.
Looking back on December: Flashback Friday - Dutch mill, hiking Pilgrims path NL
Flashback Friday: Camp in my Garden ~~~~~ The 24th of March I started hiking in Amsterdam where I followed the Pilgrim’s route all the way to the south. It has been amazing to rediscover my own country. Of course mills are typically Dutch, but I didn’t realize how many of them there are. It’s unbelievable. This particular mill is now used for living. The owners are incredibly hospitable and have their garden open for hikers and cyclist. You can find them on “campinmygarden” and “vrienden op de fiets“. Not only did I get to see The Netherlands, I got to experience it in a new way. And you know, we Dutchies aren’t as cold as you might think. You just have to go a little bit of the beaten path.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Back in The Netherlands, Schellingwoude, Laag Holland
15/12. Hallo Holland! It’s fun to be back. Funny and strange. Everything is still the same while it’s not. Everybody is still the same, but they’re not. And I’m not the same neither. It’s okay. It’s funny, but strange.
Back in Amterdam, crazy party people
14-17/12. The first few nights I stayed with friends. Everybody is still the same. And they’re not.
Looking back on December: Home Sweet Home
18/12. Home sweet home. In two weeks I’ll be homeless again, but for now I enjoy the luxury of this cute little house which has been my home for a long time. And I eat a lot of chocolate! Sinterklaas didn’t forget me 😉
Writing art cards and giving away my books
20/12. No Christmas preparations for me, but I’m busy writing art-cards 🙂 Next week I’m giving away my books, they’ll be scattered all over Amsterdam on these awesome public bookshelves. Curious? Hop on your bike and explore the city 😉
Indoor garage sale
21-24/12. Turned my house in an little second hand store for three days. Yes, everything is (was) for sale. Such a great way to get rid of your stuff AND earn a little money to survive the next months.
Looking back on December - Tiffany?
28/12. Last week I sold almost all my furniture, the curtains, kitchen equipment, clothes, books, cd’s, blankets. Shoes. And all my lamps. Apparently I had a few collectors items, or not. I still don’t know. But it doesn’t matter. Tiffany found a new owner and I’m happy for her. For Tiffany, for the new owner and me. Because I now can feed myself for about a month 🙂 Thank you!
Public bookcase is gone
29/12. Expedition public bookcase, this one is gone. Have to find another one to donate my books…
Sweet Litlle Anna on a flower power couch
29/12. Also got some visitors. This is Anna, my new 7 month old friend.
Looking back on December - Empty apartment Amsterdam Betondorp
30/12. Time to go. Bye bye Betondorp.
New Years Eve in Amsterdam
31/12. New place, new year. Happy hiking, happy house-hopping and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Best Nine 2017 photos on Instagram
Best Nine Instagram Pics

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Looking back on December | From Zagreb to Amsterdam into a New Year

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