Looking back on February: From Amsterdam to Zagreb into a White World

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At the end of the month I’d like to look back on what I did, where I’ve been and how I felt. My Instagram feed gives a pretty good impression, so I decided to make a photo essay each month. In February I gave a little talk about my hiking trip from Amsterdam to Sarajevo, I hiked and hiked and hiked and I moved back to Zagreb. Curious what it looks like? Well here’s my “Looking back on February” photo-essay. Enjoy.

Utrechtse Heuvelrug, The Netherlands

Discover the Netherlands | Dutch Nature
Went for a little walk in the Soesterduinen. Seriously, this is one of the most beautiful places in The Netherlands. One of the… There are actually plenty of them 🙂

Zwolle, The Netherlands

The 5th of February I gave a presentation, or Masterclass, for the students of the Windesheim Honours Programme in Zwolle. It was great to talk about my hike from Amsterdam to Sarajevo, but even better to talk with the students about the whole no-budget-adventure concept. Think about the things you really want to do, make a plan and then pack your bags and go. Because I believe that the biggest challenge is not the adventure itself, but being brave enough to go.

There are so many aspects of adventure that shows up in “normal” life as well. You might think I’m living the dream, but honestly it’s not a dream. It’s reality. And like real reality, it comes with ups and downs. There’s no hiding or running away. The circumstances might be a bit more extreme, but in the end it’s just a way of living your life. And so fears, doubts and struggles are just as much part of this life as the joy, freedom and spectacular views are.

FiveFingers Update

“Can you hike on those shoes?!” “Aren’t your feet cold? Or wet?” “What about your ankles, you don’t have any support.” I get a lot of questions, which is understandable. When I look outside and it’s raining, I have to push myself to put on my FiveFingers, because indeed I’m afraid to get cold or wet feet. BUT the truth is that as long you keep on moving I’ve never been cold. Actually, I believe that BECAUSE I wear FiveFingers I’m actually warmer. So what’s the secret? There’s no secret really. When you use your feet instead of locking them up, you stimulate the blood flow and activate much more muscles. Win-win: warmth and strength. So, if your ankles are weak and if your feet are icy cold, don’t be afraid, start moving! USE them.

Can you hike on those shoes?! | Vibram FiveFingers Spyridon MR
Hiking shoes?
New pair of Vibram FiveFingers | V-Train
New pair of Vibram FiveFingers | the V-Trains

A little bit about the V-Trains

I desperately needed new shoes, but I couldn’t decide which ones. I mean, it’s difficult to pick one pair for all different terrain, temperature and purpose. On the day I left to Zagreb I made a decision. Most important is that I can wear my new shoes in a cold, snowy city. Of course I’m going to hike with them as well, but for now it’s mostly walking. Everyday use. That’s why I choose the V-Trains. They’re a bit stronger (or heavier) than I’m used to, but the sole is still pretty flexible and got a great profile. During the next few weeks I’ll be testing them and of course I’ll share my experience with you.

For now I can only say that on a little snow walk they served me well. No cold or wet feet. So that’s a yay! Oh, it’s so much fun to actually féél that lovely snowsound under your feet. Another yay!

Vibram FiveFingers in the snow | V-Train is pretty winterproof
Jeheej, snow!

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Last day in Amsterdam, last little book walk. Love these public bookshelves/cases, perfect to donate your books to. My gift to the city.

Zagreb, Croatia

After an 24 hour bus ride I arrived in Zagreb, Croatia. Jeeej, I’m back! I’m staying in this amazing building where a share an apartment with a new friend. We met last year. Hiked, talked and made some adventurous plans. A perfect match I would say. Made a little video to show you around. If Dutch is hard to follow, just have a look.

New home in Zagreb | Looking back on Februari
New home in Zagreb. I just love love love this building!
Looking back on February | Windowview
New town, new home, new view
New Home in Zagreb | There's a church in the Backyard
There’s a church in the backyard

Weekly VLOG from Zagreb 1 & 2 (in Dutch)

Medvednica, Croatia

White Medvednica Walk | Looking back on February
White Medvednica Walk
Hiking Medvednica in Snow | Looking back on February
It’s all about balance
Planinarski Dom Runolist | Snowy terrace
Bye bye blue sky, hello more snow?

Oh yes 🙂

Snow in Zagreb | Looking back on February
Snowy home
Zagreb City | Looking back on February - Seeing the Sights in Zagreb
Snowy Zagreb
White Medvedinica Winter Walk | Looking back on February
Snowy Medvednica

Upcoming Adventure…

Velebit Winter Hiking Adventure | Looking back on February | Zagreb
Got a whole lot of packing to do. #winterhiking

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Looking back on February | From Amsterdam to Zagreb into a White World

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