Snowshoeing on Velebit | 5 Days Winter Hiking in Croatia

I’m on my hands and knees. Can’t see a thing. Sytske is gone. It’s steep, I have absolutely no grip. I’m sliding. “SYTSKE!” I shout. Nothing. Slowly I crawl up. And slide down again. Oempfff. Not what I imagined… 

“Do you want some chocolate?

“I hate these stupid shoes!”

“Look, there’s the hut.”

“Yes, I want chocolate.”

In front of us we vaguely see Zavižan, the mountain hut. The steep part is done, I can relax. Finally. Still hate the snowshoes though.

We wanted winter, we wanted snow. Well, we got winter and we got snow. Five days on Velebit. Snow crawling, snow sliding, snow melting and of course, snowshoeing. Enjoy the ride with us!

Video: Snowshoeing on Velebit

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