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Between Two Worlds Podcast | Teaser from Zagreb

I’m super super excited! Yes, I’ve got a new hiking adventure coming up, but that’s not all. I’ve been (and still am) looking for ways to share my journey with the virtual world. Of course I have my blog and recently I started to vlog as well. BUT I wanted more. Wanted something different…

Team up

Yesterday I met David Bailey, an Englishman who’s blogging and vlogging about his life in the Western Balkans. David also has a podcast, The Balkan Adventures Podcast. A few months ago David interviewed me about my Walk from Amsterdam to Sarajevo and shared it on his podcast. This got me thinking. A podcast is an excellent medium for storytelling. David is an Englishman who seems to have the same fascination with the Balkans as I do. Or maybe not the same, but a fascination for sure. Perhaps we could team up…

And we did. We have to work out the details, but here’s a little teaser. Yay!

Between Two Worlds Podcast | Teaser from Zagreb
Windy Zagreb Selfie

In short

May will be about the Blue Via Dinarica Trail in Croatia, a nice warm up before I pick up the Green Trail in Sarajevo towards Kosovo and beyond. With our Between two Worlds Podcast we’re gonna take you along in the this journey. We’ll talk about adventure, about hiking, about the Dinarides and the Via Dinarica. About the Balkans and of course, about adventure in the Balkans.

It’s not about promoting or selling something, but about sharing. Sharing thoughts. Sharing experiences. On top of that I would love to do this in a conversation-form. So, no one-way communication, but chatting with David about different things, topics, subjects or what so ever.

The perspective

The reason I reached out to David is because I think that the place where we come from, shapes us. It makes us who we are, but also makes us experience things the way we do. I don’t want to compare the West with the Balkans, but I do want to point out the way I see things is for sure connected to my background.

Hmmm, get the point? I thought David might. And he did. David came up with the brilliant idea the name our Podcast the “Between two Worlds Podcast”. Funny enough he didn’t know that two years ago I wrote a blogpost with that exact title, Between two worlds. How bizarre?

Teaser Between two Worlds Podcast

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News! Coming up: Between two Worlds Podcast | Here's a teaser

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