“I’ll let you part of my dream, if I can be part of yours” Bob Dylan said that

“I’ll let you part of my dream, if I can be part of your reality”

I said that ~ Sophie Hunger, Sophie Hunger Blues


Caught in a dream

I walk the streets. Caught in a dream. Zovem se Eva, ja sam iz Nizozemske, iz Amsterdama. Živim u Zagrebu. I walk. The wind blows. It’s spring. Sada je proljeće, but the winter is still here.

Zagreb is something special. The colours of the facades, the people in the streets. Every day I love it more. Love being here. Walking the streets. Gornji grad. Those stairs, hidden alleys. Trees start to blossom. Little flowers, yes it’s about time.

I repeat yesterday’s class. Try to form a sentence. Volim Zagreb, zato što… Neznam. I don’t know why. Why Zagreb? My love grows. Every day a little more. I’m tired. My head feels foggy. There’s a storm blowing away my thoughts.

Volite li ananas?

I walk the stairs. Old town. Busy streets. Noisy tram. Tramvaj. PJ Harvey sings. “I walk on concrete, I walk on sand. But I can’t find a safe place to stand.” Do you dare to dream? Or do you run?

I walk the streets. Hidden alleys, steep stairs. Gornji grad, old town. Volim Zagreb.

Caught in a dream.

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