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At the end of the month I’d like to look back on what I did, where I’ve been and how I felt. I usually use my Instagram feed to do so, but this month I hardly posted any photos. Why? Well first of all, I didn’t feel like it. Didn’t feel like sharing. Secondly, I’ve been busy with the Croatian language course (so much fun!) and creating tours on Outdooractive. Yes I’ve been active on Outdooractive, but I was pretty lazy when it comes to hiking or any other adventure. But the actual reason I didn’t post photos (or write blog posts or make video’s) is that I felt a little lost. 


The reason I’m in Zagreb is the language course. I dedicated my winter to learning Croatian and I love it. The course just finished and I passed, yay! Also, the winter has passed and I’m almost ready to hit the trail. Big YAY! April has been about preparing my next hiking trip, but also about processing my last adventure. This turned out to be satisfying and confusing at the same time. It’s hard to live in the now while working on the future and processing the past. I felt lost between things I want and things I did. Funniest of all is that during my Croatian lessons we could only speak in present time. The other tenses are apparently too complicated for now. So, I’m stuck in the now, but I don’t feel present.

That’s alright. Things are changing and always will do. Since I can’t stand a gap in my monthly photo stories, I scrolled through the photos I took last month and came to the conclusion that they might be worth sharing after all. So here we go, looking back on April.

Looking back on April, new windowview
Dobro jutro
Looking back on April | Daily bikeride to school
On my way to school. Unlike all the others, I don’t dare to cross.

Zagreb Citywalks

LOST looking back on April
LOST while I'm stuck in the now
Caught in a dream

FiveFingers Update

Like I wrote in a previous update, it’s hard to find one pair of FiveFingers for all seasons or every type of terrain. That’s why I’m switching between the KSO EVO’s and the V-TRAINS. The first is much lighter and way more flexible than the V-TRAIN, so is perfect for now. Or well, at the moment it’s almost 30 degrees here, so I wear my barefoot-style sandals most of the time, but the KSO EVO’s are second best.

I think this is the thinnest sole you can get, so you feel everything. Almost everything. “All the little pebbles” like a friend said who tried them on a Medvednica hike. That’s what I like, to feel as much as you can. I wear FiveFingers to protect my feet, to get a bit more warmth or grip and to dress “appropriate”. I wish the latter wasn’t true, but I have to confess that I just don’t feel comfortable walking barefoot in a city.

Looking back on April, summer kicked in!
Too hot for shoes

Share what Inspires you

I found an awesome coffee bar where people come to read and write, Booksa. One week ago there was a presentation or actually a Meet & Greet kind of thing with an Italian writer. I was working on my laptop, uploading hiking tours, but my attention was immediately drawn to what the woman had to say. The way she talked about how and what she writes was so inspiring. Really want to read her books right now. Ha, and the first will be “Eva Sleeps”.

Out of the struggles and conflicts in the border regions of Northern Italy and Austria and the rich history that has resulted from this meeting of cultures, comes a family story that embodies the history of nations. Source: Bol.com

Whenever I feel lost (while stuck in a city), inspiration seems to be the cure. At times I feel stuck, I at the same time can feel intensely inspired. Inspired by music, books, art. Creations, conversations. It’s like they find their way straight to my heart, because my heart needs it. Needs inspiration. Well, I’d like to share three songs that I’ve been listening to, just because I can :).

 My Video Diary

There were supposed to be three more video’s, but since I moved to my new apartment I didn’t edit anything I filmed. I plan to make one more video before I leave (ah, so that must happen this week then), because it’s like a gift to myself. When I make these video’s it sometimes feels stupid and uninteresting, but it’s really cool to have them as a document of my Zagreb-time. So yes, I at least want to make one video to “close” this period. Oeff, does this sentence make sense in English?

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