Gone hiking. Dinara, here I come! (+ my first podcast)

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BLOG Gone hiking, Dinara here I come

It’s 00.27 my backpack is packed, GPS is up to date, launched my podcast and after this blog post I’m ready too. Ready for a little hike. Tomorrow I take the bus to Knin from where I hit the trail to Dinara. Gone hiking. Although I hiked across the entire Dinaric Alps, I haven’t been on Dinara yet. Or well, I was on the mountain, but not on the peak. A peak, the peak. Something to do with bad weather. I Thought it would be a nice way to open this years hiking season. Hiking Dinara. And when already I’m there, I might as well continue on the trail to Troglav and Kamešnica.

This route has been on my wish list for two years now. So, it’s about time to tick this one off. I’m not sure how long it will take me, but I know for sure that I’ll be offline. Hopefully for a week. Or two. We’ll see. I’m too tired to write about the how’s and why’s, but yesterday I made a podcast with David Bailey. And guess what, it’s about the how’s and why’s.

This is the first episode of “Eva’s Life & Adventure Podcast”, Getting Ready. More podcasts from the mountains will follow, so stay tuned.

Good night!


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