Prizren selfie

First time I was in Prizren I wrote this:  Prizren is definitely worth a visit. It’s a beautiful, old, vivacious town with mountains all around. I’ll definitely come back to be a real tourist, but for now hiking is on my mind.

Second time was not even a month later, two weeks maybe. Rosa and I left the Macedonian Mountain Traverse due to bad weather. Better to hide in a city. Totally unplanned and thus again totally unprepared.

I still suck at being a tourist tourist doing city sightseeing, but Rosa took me by the hand. I won’t write a guide about what to do/eat/visit, because you can find tons of blogs (like this one) about that. I lazily add some of our photos just to give you an impression of what the city is like.

Sightseeing Prizren

View on Prizren

Sightseeing Prizren | selfie

Fortress Prizren
Kalaja Fortress

Sightseeing Prizren | Fortress

Sightseeing Prizren | Fortress view

Sinan Pasha Mosque

Sightseeing Prizren | tree art

Feet in Prizren

Sightseeing Prizren | Rosa in front of the cinama
Sightseeing Prizren | I'll be your mirror
Ow yes

Sightseeing Prizren | Cinema

Sightseeing Prizren | Film theatre

Sightseeing Prizren | Orthodox church
Orthodox Church of Our Lady of Ljeviš,

Sightseeing Prizren | Garbage horse

Bosnian coffee in Prizren

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