The flow took me to Prilep, a town in South Macedonia. Prilep is known for its tobacco and beer and for the boulders. Although I already had an idea what awaited me because I watched the 2014 Petzl Roc Trip video about bouldering in Prilep, but these mountains, these rocks, they left me speechless.

Someone said “it’s like a giant randomly dumped huge stones on a mountain” – so true. There are stones everywhere. “Keien” I would say in Dutch, boulders it probably is in English. A playground, a climbers mekka and yet relatively unknown.

I’ve been told that there are 600 routes, but I bet that’s just a fraction of what Prilep has to offer. I haven’t paid attention to the topo at all so I can’t say which sections we’ve been or which routes we’ve climbed, but who cares?

Hitting the wall felt natural, my body knew how to move – feet glued to wall, fingers holding little ridges – only gravity seemed to be stronger than it used to be. Still had a lot of fun though. It makes me so excited, the clapping my hands while smiling a big smile kind of excitement. It has been three years, three years without rocks. Damn I missed it without knowing that I did. Not sure what I’ll do with this information, but for now I’m grateful I had the opportunity to open the door to an old passion. Thank you guys for having and showing me.

Bouldering in Prilep

Ready to rock
Ready to rock
Walk up
Walk up
First boulder in Prilep
Our first boulder
Cosima BOULDERING in Prilep
Cosima in action
Cosima BOULDERING on top
Cosi on top
Smile 🙂
Martin BOULDERING in Prilep
Martin in action
The fields | PRILEP
The fields
Bouldering in Prilep sunset
Walk down
Boulder camp Prilep
Boulder camp #1
Bela the boulderdog
Meet Bela the boulderdog
Walking crash pads
Walking crash pads
Dimitar bouldering in Prilep
Dimitar in action
BOULDERING in Prilep Baba Low
My favourite route
Hop hop, plof
Last morning in Prilep
Last morning
Prilep planes
Second cam Prilep
Our second & my last camp 💙
Find Cosi
Find Cosi #realladiesoutdoors 😉

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