Hiking from Sarajevo to Jure Franko WINTERVLOG #1

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In Sarajevo I met up with Sabina, a sweet sweet friend ánd crazy-cool outdoor buddy I met three years ago. We stayed in touch and try to meet at least twice a year. Whenever we see eachother we go for a hike. Mostly in the mountains. This time Sabina took me to Trebević, thé mountain above Sarajevo. We made our way up from old town to mountain hut Jure Franko. Although Sarajevo is one of my favourite cities, I prefer breathing fresh mountain air. Especially during the winter Sarajevo is extremely polluted. Unfortunately.

With Sabina on my side I stept into a brand new adventure, living on a mountain. Trebević mountain. Volunteering in a mountain hut. Jure Franko mountain hut.  But before I tell you more about that I’d like to take you on a hike. Take you hiking from Sarajevo to Jure Franko. Thought it would be fun to make a video, my first video in English. First VLOG from the mountains.

Prepare yourself for snow, smiles, selfies and more snow and more smiles and more selfies.

Hiking from Sarajevo to Jure Franko

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