Hiking the Rakitnica canyon to Lukomir, Via Dinarica VLOG #2

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VLOG in BLOG | Hiking the Rakitnica Canyon, Via Dinarica in Bosnia and Herzegovina

In this video I’m hiking from mountain hut Jezerce on Prenj via Boračko jezero to Lukomir. A trip down memory lane through Bjelašnica’s crazy green wilderness and the unapproachable Rakitnica canyon.

Three years ago I got stuck in the Rakitnica canyon. At that time the trail was terribly marked and the path totally overgrown. I took a shortcut, which was stupid. Thorny plants everywhere. Everywhere. My friends who were waiting for me at Boračko jezero called the GSS, the mountain rescue, I could only sit and wait and hope to be found.

This year I hiked the same route, but in opposite direction. From Boračko jezero I went to Lukomir. A long day, but oh so beautiful. Still not easy, but the trail was visible. And hikable. Amazing to see how that section has changed. Not only did a team of volunteers a great job, also everyone who hikes the Via Dinarica helps improving the route, just by hiking it. I could clearly see how the path develops and for sure will turn into a dream of a hiking trail. This makes me happy. Super happy 🙂

Via Dinarica VLOG #2
Hiking the Rakitnica canyon

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