BLOG | How a relatively simple bus ride from Zagreb to Knin turned into a scandal

Although it’s very efficient to send your packages by bus instead of using the regular post service, travelling by bus can be challenging in Croatia. To avoid a long, complicated (maybe impossible) bus ride from Zagreb to Buško jezero, I decided to start hiking in Knin. I wanted to cross Dinara, Troglav and Kamešnica all the way through the mountains. The difficult logistics with public transport are more or less part of the adventure, but I would deal with that on my way back, I…Continue Reading “How a simple bus ride from Zagreb to Knin turned into a scandal”

BLOG | From Amsterdam to Sarajevo ON FOOT

The 24th of March I left Amsterdam to hike for a while. “Walking back to the Balkans”. Why? Because I can, because I like hiking. Because it’s slow, because it’s a perfect way to really see a country. To feel and experience. Because I feel good, being “on the road”. And because I thought it would be a good idea to (re)discover my own country, before heading off to the Balkans. So, I walked. I walked back. From Amsterdam to Sarajevo, on foot. In this…Continue Reading “From Amsterdam to Sarajevo ON FOOT”

BLOG | Hiking Via Dinarica White Trail 2016

Last summer I walked a new long distance trail through the Balkans, the Via Dinarica White Trail. A route that finds its way along countless different mountain ranges, ridges, cliffs, canyons, valleys, rivers, lakes and prominent peaks in the Dinaric Alps, Europe’s largest karst field. Hiking Via Dinarica. A great hike, a beautiful journey and an unforgettable adventure. After one month preparing and acclimatizing in the Balkans, I started my hike in the lovely Valbona River Valley. Officially Albania is the last section of the…Continue Reading “Hiking Via Dinarica, crossing the Balkans on foot”

BLOG | The aesthetics of travelling

I met Mårten at Trnovačko jezero in Montenegro. We were both travelling alone, hiking. After a coffee and a chat, we decided to cross the border to Bosnia and Herzegovina together. A great hike, a great day and good company. These are his words, his thoughts, his answer to my question. “What moves you”, you ask. I tell you; because of a number of things. I travel because of the things I want to see, old buildings, ancient mountains. I travel because of the people…Continue Reading “The aesthetics of travelling”

BLOG | I Move with the Earth

Maggie is a girl I met in Sarajevo during the Via Dinarica Networking Conference. On her blog Backroad Balkans she writes about her eclectic adventures in the Dinaric Alps of the Balkan region, especially Bosnia and Herzegovina where she currently lives, as well as the other traveling she occasionally does. She explores all aspects of nature and culture including local food and drink, and shares fun facts about the history and ecology of it all. This is her contribution, her thoughts on “What moves you?” The Via…Continue Reading “I Move with the Earth”

BLOG | An inspired trail through the Dinaric Alps

To this day the Balkans and especially Bosnia Herzegovina is unknown territory for many outdoor people. It remains a blind spot within Europe and the outdoor community. It is still associated with war and poverty instead of the beautiful, wild and untamed nature and mountains. I cannot deny the scars of the past are still well visible in some areas. You will surely see houses in ruins, abandoned villages and warning signs for landmines, but the Balkans nowadays are anything but a bleak and unsafe…Continue Reading “An inspired trail through the Dinaric Alps”

BLOG | FiveFingers and sandals

A couple of years ago, I started taking feet photos. I stole this idea of a couple of friends who jokingly took photos of their feet instead of landscapes and the atmosphere. They added texts such as “feet in Limburg”, “feet at Lowlands” (a Dutch music festival), “feet at the camp site”, “feet in the pub”.  This was before the rise of Facebook and long before the selfie hype. This is also before I got into the barefoot-, FiveFingers and sandals-stuff. Footfies I see it as…Continue Reading “FiveFingers and sandals”

BLOG | From marathon to burn-out | Trainen op de dijk | Van marathon naar burn-out

After having fiddled around on bare feet and borrowed FiveFingers, I thought it was time to participate in a ‘small run’. With the 100 days programme of Sportrusten, Ruth Langemeijer has helped me to arrange a training schedule for the half marathon. I have learned not only to run in a new way, but also to breathe in a new way. An ideal combination, as it turned out, to train and monitor my body. I was making progress, I was doing great! Former running injuries kept…Continue Reading “From marathon to burn-out”

BLOG | My feet in Black Sand

Two years ago, Ruth Langemeijer‘s birthday present to me was four lessons of ‘natural&barefoot running’. Running naturally, with minimalistic shoes on, FiveFingers or even on bare feet – even I had to face that now. At first I was afraid that I would have to give up too much to get comfortable with this new way of moving. I just wanted to run, as much and as fast as I possibly could and I really didn’t feel like sticking to a schedule of exercises that…Continue Reading “Bare feet”

BLOG | Biking from Amsterdam to the Balkans

I had two months off, two months to bike. What shall I do? Where shall I go? One thing I knew for sure, I wouldn’t follow rivers, this time. Neither would I be heading towards a sea… I’ve always wanted to go to Istanbul, but I never succeeded. Would I, could I this time? From Amsterdam to Istanbul, biking the highest route through the mountains. In two months… UP&down, UP&down. The game was on, just like the sun. Bikini biking. Bikram biking. UP&down, UP&down. Biking…Continue Reading “Biking from Amsterdam to the Balkans”

BLOG | Hiking the Pyrenees

Summer 2013, hiking the Pyrenees from East to West. My brain had been working literally all the time and my body was getting fed up with that. For weeks, maybe months, I had been feeling tense, but the night before I left I was getting genuinely nervous. I packed way too much stuff and my plans were very ambitious. I had two months to tackle the ‘Haute Route Pyrénées’, without GPS, since that would have been too expensive. Two months to tackle my inner demons….Continue Reading “Hiking the Pyrenees”

BLOG | BLACK SEA BIKING ADVENTURE | Biking to the Black Sea and Back Home

I was dreaming of an adventure. A big adventure. A biking adventure. A bike across Europe to the Black Sea biking adventure… The months before my departure were filled with working, preparing, packing and more working. I saved every penny, hoping that it would buy me enough time. Time I could spend traveling, being on the road, having my adventure. My Black Sea Biking Adventure The third of April I opened my front door, got on my new, still unnamed bike and started to pedal….Continue Reading “Biking to the Black Sea and Back Home”

BLOG | Cycling green route Mediterranean sea

Staying in the mountains means getting the best out of life and being there always puts a grin on my face. The mountains make me feel calm and at ease, whether I’m hiking, cycling, climbing or mountaineering. I love being surrounded by these natural giants. I respect them; they make me feel grateful and insignificant. My physical and mental power, stamina and drive are tested. Simultaneously, these characteristics will show you your place, not only now, but for the rest of your life. This always…Continue Reading “Biking the Green Route to the Mediterranean Sea”