BLOG | FiveFingers and sandals

A couple of years ago, I started taking feet photos. I stole this idea of a couple of friends who jokingly took photos of their feet instead of landscapes and the atmosphere. They added texts such as “feet in Limburg”, “feet at Lowlands” (a Dutch music festival), “feet at the camp site”, “feet in the pub”.  This was before the rise of Facebook and long before the selfie hype. This is also before I got into the barefoot-, FiveFingers and sandals-stuff. Footfies I see it as…Continue Reading “FiveFingers and sandals”

BLOG | From marathon to burn-out | Trainen op de dijk | Van marathon naar burn-out

After having fiddled around on bare feet and borrowed FiveFingers, I thought it was time to participate in a ‘small run’. With the 100 days programme of Sportrusten, Ruth Langemeijer has helped me to arrange a training schedule for the half marathon. I have learned not only to run in a new way, but also to breathe in a new way. An ideal combination, as it turned out, to train and monitor my body. I was making progress, I was doing great! Former running injuries kept…Continue Reading “From marathon to burn-out”

BLOG | My feet in Black Sand

Two years ago, Ruth Langemeijer‘s birthday present to me was four lessons of ‘natural&barefoot running’. Running naturally, with minimalistic shoes on, FiveFingers or even on bare feet – even I had to face that now. At first I was afraid that I would have to give up too much to get comfortable with this new way of moving. I just wanted to run, as much and as fast as I possibly could and I really didn’t feel like sticking to a schedule of exercises that…Continue Reading “Bare feet”