BLOG | Beautifully WILD Bosnia and Herzegovina

Although nature does not know borders, borders are often formed by nature. Mountains, rivers and seas are natural borders between different regions, countries or continents. Within these borders, people seem to develop their own characteristic way of living full of local traditions and old customs. Along the Via Dinarica I crossed many borders. Some were natural, some were cultural and some were just lines on a map. Lines that create countries. It did surprise me that hiking through Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) felt so different…Continue Reading “Beautifully WILD Bosnia and Herzegovina”

BLOG | Another lud pas

I’m afraid of dogs as long as I can remember. Most of the time they just bark, I know that, but they still scare me. At night, when I’m camping near a village, it’s not the wolves or bears who keep me from sleeping, but annoying crazy dogs. In Umoljani, scary dogs own that place at night. They don’t tolerate strangers, especially not when they’re camping in a little green tent. The second night there was a disaster, one dog started to attack my tent…Continue Reading “Another lud pas”

BLOG | Hello Blidinje

Two months ago the opening of the White Trail was here in Blidinje nature park. And one year ago I was here as well, on my bike. It’s one of my favorite places. The immense valley with mountains on both sides and a lake in the middle, kind of stole my heart. I have to admit that most of my favorite places have more to do with memories than with the scenery. Although Blidinje is beautiful, for others it might be just a valley. For me…Continue Reading “Hello Blidinje”

BLOG | Descend from Prenj

“Bare in mind that you have still some challenging sections, particularly the descend from Prenj.” That was not the first time someone warned me for this part. Of course this became a big thing in my head. How difficult would it be? What if I can’t make it? What if I loose the trail again? I felt nervous. It really took some time before I could enjoy the hiking. From Milanova Koliba I at first ignored the markers pointing down without a signpost. Although they were…Continue Reading “Descend from Prenj”

BLOG | Prenj Party

“Don’t miss Prenj!” I certainly didn’t want to, so I stayed as long as the weather forecast let me. Four days, yeahh! Blue blue skies and white white rocks. Wide views and mountain bikers? Haha, yes indeed. I met a friend from Mostar who cycled up from Ruište to Zelena Glava. “Is there a girl from Amsterdam here?” Đani! We knew that there was a possibility that we would run in to each other, but that we actually met on the top of Zelena Glava…Continue Reading “Prenj party”

BLOG | Planet Prenj

Prenj is absolutely one of my favourites along the Via Dinarica White Trail. Not just because of its ridiculously beautiful vistas and views, mostly because Prenj was a place where I had a good dose of fun. With two guys from Tuzla who I met on Boračko campsite, I hiked from Boračko Jezero up to the mountain hut Jezerce. A great new hut on a fantastic location. Perfect place to spend the night. Or two. I really enjoyed the company of the Tuzla-boyz and the…Continue Reading “Planet Prenj”

BLOG | Back in Buna

I love to go back to places where I’ve already been. Mostly to visit people. Like Gaga in Buna who I met a year ago during my cycling trip from Amsterdam to Cetinje. His lovely campsite at the Buna river and his optimistic way of looking at things, his stories and jokes, made me revisit the cute little town close to Mostar. “I have no idea when, but probably somewhere in July”, I told him. “I’ll be in Mostar tomorrow” was the next message. “Change of…Continue Reading “Back in Buna”

BLOG | Lost on the Via Dinarica

Sunday I was supposed to meet some friends from Sarajevo at Boračko Jezero. Rewinding time! Instead I got wind up in thorny plants when I tried to take a short cut. Lost on the Via Dinarica. This is my story about what happened on the descent through the Rakitnica Canyon. First of all, I have to say that I realize that knowing that everything turned out fine, might influence the way I feel and write now. I also realize that I scared some people and…Continue Reading “Lost on the Via Dinarica”

BLOG | WILD BALKANS: nature versus mankind, what do they teach me?

Many many wild plants were in my way. If I had known which I could eat, I perhaps would appreciate them more. I’m a city girl, but I’m getting more and more used to the wilderness. Still most of the time, the plants are in my way. Wilderness. Wild Balkans. Of course I also feel thankful that nature actually allows me here. When it’s wild and rough, completely overgrown it shows who is the boss. And that is absolutely not me! On my Vibram FiveFingers…Continue Reading “WILD BALKANS”

BLOG | Thriving Tjentište

Tjentište is a little town with a big big hotel. People are obviously not coming here for the city sights, although the architecture is remarkable. It’s Sutjeska which is attracting people and Tjentište happens to be a good place to enter the national park. But if all of that is true, why didn’t I met any other hikers? So far, I’ve only met two Serbian men who were sleeping at the Radović household and I saw group of bikers (on a pushbike, not a motorbike) crossing…Continue Reading “Thriving Tjentište”

BLOG | Maglić to climb or not to climb

After skipping Bobotov Kuk, I told myself to at least go up Maglić, Bosnia’s highest mountain. This peak is actually on the White Trail and it would be easy, according to the French Via Dinarica hiker, Matthieu. He said the view is absolutely worth it. So, this one should be on my list, I figured. From Nedajno where I met Matthieu, I hiked to Mratinje. A lot of asphalt and macadam roads, but an adventurous descent to Piva jezero. Matthieu had showed me a good…Continue Reading “Maglić”

BLOG | Polako Polako

Two weeks ago I got an invitation to go to Sutjeska national park. I knew a part of the White trail was being marked again, but had no idea how that would be done. In the car on the way to Tjentište it turned out no one really knew what the idea was other than helping out with marking the trail. At the parkinglot of hotel Mladost a whole group of people gathered. No one knew exactly what they were supposed to do, but they…Continue Reading “Polako polako (that’s how you mark a new trail!)”