BLOG | Incredible Croatian Karst

The Via Dinarica is a trail that is still in progress, only in Bosnia and Herzegovina the White Trail is officially open. In the other four countries the route is a combination of old existing trails that all together form a corridor through the Dinarides. With a distance of almost 600 kilometres, the Croatian section covers the largest part of the Via Dinarica. An absolutely beautiful stretch through the incredible Croatian karst mountains. Incredible Croatian Karst Although the hiking paths between well-known areas like Dinara,…Continue Reading “Incredible Croatian Karst”

BLOG | The third option

“I’m on my way to Slovenia. Hitchhiking the last bit, it’s raining cats and dogs.” Jep, I’m cheating. Either I had to walk 80km in two days (in the rain) or I had to tell my contact in Ilirska Bistrica, Slovenia, that I would arrive a few days later. I don’t like to be late and I don’t like to let people wait for me. But most of all, I don’t like to walk in the pouring rain. All day long. Day in, day out….Continue Reading “Cheating”

BLOG | I just saw a bear

My mind is somewhere else, I’m daydreaming, not thinking of anything at all. An easy hike on a forest road and then suddenly there is something brown, something big coming out of the bushes. O o. It steps right in front of me on my path. Ten meters away. I freeze. Is it a wild boar? A deer? NO a bear! Aaahh, a bear! He hasn’t seen me. What to do? Don’t panic, but before I can think of what to do I turn around…Continue Reading “Whaaah, I just saw a bear!”

BLOG | Another day on the road

Velika Kapela. This part is something special. You’re just a little ride away from the coast and even closer to the mountains. In between there are hills, forests and small villages. The wind blows and the sun is shining. Leaves are falling from the trees and the days are getting shorter. People work on the land or in the wood-industry. Nothing reminds you of the coast tourism, except the views on the sea. Last night a lady in Pod Bilo prepared a bed for me…Continue Reading “Velika Kapela, another day on the road”

BLOG | Round and Round (Krivi Put)

Avoiding the bad parts of the trail sounded like an easy way out. Cheating maybe. Skip the “not ready to hike yet” sections and continue with the nice parts. But what if it’s impossible to get to the trail-head of the nice parts? The cars don’t stop, the buses don’t bring you where you want to be, don’t go where you want to go, or don’t go at all? Well, then you’re driving around in circles. Round and round until you decide to give up….Continue Reading “Round and Round”

BLOG | I hike because I can

Why I hike? Because I can. I hike because decided I could. I, at least could give it a go. Try. The simplicity of putting one foot in front of the other. Slow pace. Strong nature. Little me. This trail, these mountains, the Balkans and yes, the actual hiking are ingredients. And tools. They get me somewhere, bring me something. I hike because I can.

BLOG | HikeVibes

“No way! That can’t be.” There was a couple hiking towards me that looked exactly like Sean and Lois. “Ohhh, it would be great to see them again” and I thought of the last time I saw them in Jablanica. I was full of adrenaline of the whole Rakitnica rescue circus and they got food poisoned which unfortunately ruined our Prenj plans. They said they wanted to go back to Velebit, but could it really be? “No way, that can’t be.” “Eva!!” The couple waved!…Continue Reading “HikeVibes! “

BLOG | Ivine Vodice​​

“What is Ivine Vodice like?” “Well, it is not as beautiful as this place”, the guy said while pointing at planinarsko sklonište Struge. “Let’s say it is dirty, really dirty. But you’ll survive.” “Great.” I looked at Caroline and saw a worried look in her eyes. Struge is a great place, but beautiful is a big word. “There are puh inside”, he continued. “And the water is bad…” I wished I never asked him about it.. “Ok, we’ll see”, but I knew that the chance…Continue Reading “Ivine Vodice​​”

BLOG | Bloody Bura

I’m almost back in track. After a week not hiking, just hitchhiking, I looked forward to go up into the mountains again. “But it will rain on Monday.” “I don’t care, rain is not my worst enemy. I’m from The Netherlands..” That the rain was part of the Bura, they didn’t mention. Bura is an extremely strong wind that’s typical for the coastal area. And Velebit. Damn it! Dark clouds cover the peaks, exactly the same strange topping shape like I saw at Crnopac. A…Continue Reading “Bloody Bura”

BLOG | 4 Days Hiking in Paklenica National Park

Jeej, I got company! No, she is not really an hiker or outdoorsy type, but she is my oldest friend. Why is everybody asking? When are you a hiker? What is a real hiker? Are there any rules? Hmm, I think I actually don’t really care. After almost 900K of solo-hiking, my BFF Caroline joined me in Starigrad, super exiting. New company, new spirit, new challenges. New ADVENTURE. Paklenica, here we come! More stories

BLOG | Mali Princ

I’m in Velebit in a sweet little shelter on a fantastic spot with white rocks pointing out of the forest all around me. Wooden wildlife keeps me company. Other than that, I’m all alone. The wind blows wildly through the trees and the clouds change their shapes every minute. Alone in the mountains. In a cosy wooden shelter where I feel comfortable. Where I feel at home. Time stopped. It’s just me and my thoughts that bring me back to the things that are familiar….Continue Reading “Mali Princ”

BLOG | What I talk about when I talk about hiking

“I’m free, I think. I shut my eyes and think hard and deep about how free I am, but I can’t really understand what it means. All I know is that I’m totally alone. All alone in an unfamiliar place, like some solitary explorer who’s lost his compass and his map. Is this what it means to be free? I don’t know, and I gave up thinking about it. – Haruki Murakami, Kafka on the Shore. Haruki Murakami, I can read quotes from his books all…Continue Reading “What I talk about when I talk about Hiking”

BLOG | Dinara

I had a plan, I had maps, descriptions from other hikers and of course my GPS. It didn’t seem difficult to go to the top of Dinara, just a long “climb”. I had enough time, more than enough water and a plan that gave me the opportunity to spend an extra day on the mountain. Mountain Dinara. The only problem was that I was tired. Although I slept in a nice bed in Vila Cetina, I didn’t get enough sleep. Actually I didn’t get enough…Continue Reading “Dinara”