BLOG | Magnificent mountains of Montenegro

Montenegro or Crna Gora in Serbian. I have to confess that I didn’t know where the name comes from, I only know that it means ˝Black Mountain˝. I didn’t really see black mountains though. The mountains of Montenegro were green. Everything was green. Green valleys, green peaks, green forests, green fields… Green, green, green in all possible shades and shapes. Mountains of Montenegro The Via Dinarica trail leads you from National Park to National Park, it connects one stunning piece of nature after another. Day…Continue Reading “Magnificent Mountains of Montenegro”

BLOG | Maglić to climb or not to climb

After skipping Bobotov Kuk, I told myself to at least go up Maglić, Bosnia’s highest mountain. This peak is actually on the White Trail and it would be easy, according to the French Via Dinarica hiker, Matthieu. He said the view is absolutely worth it. So, this one should be on my list, I figured. From Nedajno where I met Matthieu, I hiked to Mratinje. A lot of asphalt and macadam roads, but an adventurous descent to Piva jezero. Matthieu had showed me a good…Continue Reading “Maglić”

BLOG | Bobotov Kuk

Žablak is a base-camp for hikers and bikers who are planning to visit Durmitor NP. Several trips and tours to Bobotov Kuk are offered by local travel agencies, but you can also find yourself a map and explore the area on your own. Or with a group, like the scouts from Belgium I met on the campsite. WiFi time at Žabljak For me Žabljak was a place to rest, fill up my backpack with food and get some writing and WiFi time. When I came…Continue Reading “Bobotov Kuk”

BLOG | The GOOD, bad & ugly

Two weeks on the trail surrounded by mountains, flowers, cattle and flies. I’m hiking on my own (da, sama). I carry everything I need in my backpack and I’m free to go where ever I feel like going. I try to stick to the white trail, but sometimes the weather, the conditions of the route or people on the Via Dinarica change my plans a bit… It’s a fantastic journey and there is much more to come! First of all I have to make clear…Continue Reading “The GOOD, bad & ugly”

BLOG | Rikavačko Paradise 

After the adventure with Drande the sweet shepherd lady from Vermosh, I gained an experience, but unfortunately I didn’t gain much knowledge about a route out of Albania. But I did notice, while looking out over the valley, that there might be another possibility. The valley kind of splits into two branches, of which I only examined one. I hoped if I would follow the river, I would find a path to Rikavačko Jezero, a lake that a local from the valley mentioned earlier. From…Continue Reading “Rikavačko Paradise”