BLOG | From Amsterdam to Sarajevo ON FOOT

The 24th of March I left Amsterdam to hike for a while. “Walking back to the Balkans”. Why? Because I can, because I like hiking. Because it’s slow, because it’s a perfect way to really see a country. To feel and experience. Because I feel good, being “on the road”. And because I thought it would be a good idea to (re)discover my own country, before heading off to the Balkans. So, I walked. I walked back. From Amsterdam to Sarajevo, on foot. In this…Continue Reading “From Amsterdam to Sarajevo ON FOOT”

BLOG | An Indian Summer

“Up and down, hiking in BiH, it’s a rollercoaster of impressions and emotions, I can hardly keep up with them. But when the ride is over, you want to stay for the next round.” I wrote that about a year ago and it is still true. I’m happy to scroll through my photos and see so many nice places I want to share, I can hardly choose. But I would like to show not only the shiny Instagrammable moments, I use Instagram to show my…Continue Reading “From Indian Summer to snowy Sarajevo”

BLOG | Hiking in Una National Park | TRAILNOTES Via Dinarica Green Trail in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Visit When I was hiking in Una National Park (September 2017), the Via Dinarica Green Trail in Bosnia and Herzegovina did not really exist yet. I roughly had an idea of the route I wanted to follow from Bihać to Sarajevo, but couldn’t get much information about an actual trail. When I write this post (May 2019) the Green Trail still isn’t officially there, however, all stages that are completed will be automatically available on The Via Dinarica Green Trail is an hiking and/or biking trail in…Continue Reading “Hiking in Una National Park”

BLOG | GREEN trail it is

Super super green hiking trail through Croatia. From the Slovenian border to the Bosnian border. Most well known National Park on the trail is Plitvice, but my favourite part of the trail are the forests of Gorski Kotar. This tour is part of my hike from Amsterdam to Sarajevo in 2017.  Complete list with day stages: Walking from Amsterdam to Sarajevo. Border crossing Croatia. I can’t believe it. I have to say it out loud. “I walked from Amsterdam all the way to Croatia.” And repeat…Continue Reading “GREEN trail it is, crossing Croatia”

BLOG | Why I Hike

“And why? Why do you hike?” That’s what people ask me after they heard me out about where I started, where I’m heading to, how many kilometres a day and how heavy my backpack is. Why I hike? “Why not?” Yeah, why not? If I don’t like it anymore, I can stop. So, I hike because I want to. Because I like it. But is that really the answer? Why do I híke? Why am I hiking hére? And why do I hike the way…Continue Reading “​Why I hike”


In August 2017 I hiked the Via Alpina in Italy as part of my thru hike from Amsterdam to Sarajevo. On the Via Alpina I kept on crossing borders. Italy, Austria, Italy, Austria. The trail follows the mountains and well, nature does not know borders. Borders are often formed by nature, but I could hardly see the differences. So, I “filed” this part under “Italy”, but parts of this stage were in Austria. Via Alpina in Italy Pfunderer Höhenweg Today I took a “shortcut”, instead…Continue Reading “RED trail it is, hiking the Via Alpina in Italy”

BLOG | Traversing the Austrian Alps on the Via Alpina

For some reason I had the idea to pick up the Via Alpina in Feldkirch. Probably because I thought I would be hiking on the Suisse side of the Bodensee. I did, until Konstanz, where I took the ferry. That ferry brought me in 4 hours in Bregenz. It would have been more convenient to head towards Obertsdorf, but Feldkirch was still in my head, without giving it a second thought, I went to Feldkirch where I started hiking the Via Alpina in Austria. The…Continue Reading “Traversing the Austrian Alps on the Via Alpina”

BLOG | Puzzeling my way through Germany: Facts & Stats

My way through Germany: 820 Kilometres, 3 rest days, 32 hiking days, 1 homestay, 7 garden camps, 4 nights on a campsite and 1 on a climbers bivouac. The latter means: pay 3 euro for the tent and figure out yourself where to wash or how to do the dishes, oh and the toilet is that wooden hut in the forest. Blehh, spiders! As a result, all climbers gather in the restaurant for a beer and the restroom. A break in the middle I had…Continue Reading “​Puzzeling my way through Germany”

BLOG | Hiking through Hilly Luxembourg

The last night that I camped in Belgium, I didn’t pay enough attention. I just put up my tent on a sort of flat field and went to bed. Next morning I noticed a strong smell. Cow shit. Shit, that field had been sprinkled (fertilized?) probably the day before. How could I have missed that? Smelly & Hilly Luxembourg Not only my tent, but also everything that was in there, so e-ve-ry-thing I carried with me, smelled shitty. This is how my hike through Luxembourg…Continue Reading “Hilly Luxembourg”

BLOG | ​Walking through Wallonia

After finishing the Pilgrim’s route through the Netherlands, I switched to the GR57, a long distance hiking trail through the Ardennes in Belgium. The Wallonian part of Belgium to be more precise. I had been in the Ardennes before. Many many times. And I even hiked several parts of this particular trail, but that doesn’t make the Ardennes boring. Not at all. Walking through Wallonia Walking through Wallonia. It’s much wilder than the Netherlands. With its green hills and rocky rivers it’s a real outdoor…Continue Reading “​Walking through Wallonia”

BLOG | A Pilgrimage Through The Netherlands

My pilgrimage through The Netherlands: 500 kilometres, 4 non-hiking- and 23 hiking-days of which 3 were rainy. I crossed 4 provinces (5 if the I count the small part of Flanders in Belgium as well), took 4 ferries, had 5 friends coming over to join me for a day or two, 0 spiders in my tent, saw 2 deers (females), 1 squirrel and 5 lama’s. I slept 8 nights in a bed, paid a visit to 4 friends in Brabant and spend 2 nights at…Continue Reading “A pilgrimage through the Netherlands”

BLOG | Walking back to the Balkans

I want to be on the road. Wander around with everything I need on my back. Being outside, outdoors, sleeping in a tent and strolling through nature. That’s when I feel best. That’s when I feel free. And all the other things will come as they do. What things? I don’t exactly know, I’ll find out along the way. A slow walk I stick to walking for a while. Nice and slow. Nothing complicated. A slow trekking from Amsterdam to Zagreb. No tight schedule, not…Continue Reading “A slow walk”