I prefer writing by hand, with pen and paper. Most of my stories are written in my diary first and then I type (or touchscreen) them onto my blog. There are of course many stories which will never make it to the online world, but that’s how things go.

Although I write personal stories, the stiff computer-keyboard-letters never fully cover the content. They don’t show any emotion. In my diary I can tell by looking at my handwriting how I felt at that moment. Joy, sorrow, stress, fun or peacefulness. My diary shows it all without reading a single word.

But also the process of words becoming a story is something that is visible in a handwritten text. Something just as beautiful as the result.

Unfortunately all of this will be lost when I replace the handwritten letters with the ones from the computer. Yes, that’s how things go.. But I would like to go back to sending real mail as well. Real letters and old-school postcards, because that’s the real fun, isn’t it? The excitement of finding a strange letter from abroad that traveled days and days to reach your mailbox…

Therefore I’m writing beside the usual blogs also letters full of stories, experiences and reflections which you can order for yourself or as a gift to someone else. I write in English and Dutch.

€ 5,- for a postcard

€15,-  for a letter of (at least) two pages (A4)

€20,- for a letter in which I discuss a specific question or a part of traveling where you want to read about.


For orders please send me a message with your address.
Payment details follow by mail.


contact at evadinaricaproject . com

Postcard from Slovenia, Sviščakih