BLOG | Crazy Early Spring

At the end of the month I like to look back on where I’ve been and what I’ve done. On how I felt and what was on my mind. I could have posted these photos on Instagram, but I didn’t. Usually February is a bit of a difficult month, it’s not green yet, it’s still cold and the sunrise is terribly late. This year was different though. No, not the sunrise, no. But it was warm and sunny. There were blue skies, nature started to…Continue Reading “Crazy early spring & a microadventure”

BLOG | Dance of Life

“I am dancing with my true love – a memory of her. A smiling, blond-haired woman enters who wishes to take the flower of love – but it won’t allow itself to be taken. And on the other side one can see her dressed in black troubled by the couple dancing – rejected – as I was rejected from her [Mrs. heiberg’s] dance (Müller=Westermann 78).” Munch’s desription of the painting in his diary. “A parable of human existence and of destiny that dominates our adventure…Continue Reading “Dance of Life”

BLOG | Innertrail

I’m confused. I’m excited and a bit nervous, but there is also an indescribable calmness which comes from a deeper place. Wow, seriously? Am I writing this or truly feeling it? The internet is flooded with quotes about life. Life learning, life lessons, life skills, life truths, life changing books and of course lifestyle. All there to help you, support you, guide you towards… Towards what? Self-improvement? Innertrail is a small company that organizes 3-day hiking trips to help you connect with yourself, nature and others….Continue Reading “Innertrail”

BLOG | Thoughts on Adventures

Good morning! I just received an email from Alastair Humphreys, currently one of my great heroes. He is an extraordinary adventurer, author of nine books and motivational speaker, but besides that, I see him as a passionate man who is sending a message straight from and to the heart. That’s why he is a huge inspiration for me. A few weeks ago, I signed up for his newsletter and today he finally wrote one. I know this is not the same as getting a personal…Continue Reading “Thoughts on Adventures”

BLOG | Balls

This is how I see it: we are all floating around in an enormous swimming pool, filled with balls. Nice balls, beautiful balls, scary balls, unpleasant balls, balls that we prefer not having too close, balls that seem to be out of reach, balls that keep following us and balls that give us hope. It costs unbelievably much effort if you try to keep with you all the balls you think belong to you. Or even harder: trying to push them under water. Peacefully bobbing up…Continue Reading “Balls”

BLOG | From marathon to burn-out | Trainen op de dijk | Van marathon naar burn-out

After having fiddled around on bare feet and borrowed FiveFingers, I thought it was time to participate in a ‘small run’. With the 100 days programme of Sportrusten, Ruth Langemeijer has helped me to arrange a training schedule for the half marathon. I have learned not only to run in a new way, but also to breathe in a new way. An ideal combination, as it turned out, to train and monitor my body. I was making progress, I was doing great! Former running injuries kept…Continue Reading “From marathon to burn-out”

BLOG | A lot of shit is compost for the futere

Surprised I looked around the room: a bed nicely made up, with a small pile of towels and a face cloth at the foot of the bed. A bedside table with a bedside lamp and a small vase with flowers from the garden. An own sink, a private balcony, a heater and a notice board with beautiful, carefully chosen quotes to cheer me up. I stayed with a friend in the forests for a weekend: recovering myself for a couple of days with nymph Sytske…Continue Reading “A lot of shit is compost for the future!”

BLOG | Ode to friendship

I call her “my oldest and longest friend”, but she’s not the longest or oldest among my friends. We have known each other since kindergarten; I know her as long as I can remember. We have learned to read and write and we have taught each other to read and write. Or actually Caroline always used to be teacher, but I think you can also learn a lot of being teacher. Even before we started learning words that consisted of more than one syllable in…Continue Reading “Ode to friendship”

BLOG | I_would_like to_mount_my_immunity

I am not the only one, but will we work it out together? The Chicks Love Food burger is the symbol for perfectionism, a need for control and the perception from which we reason and make assumptions. We are talking about dead plants that we keep giving water and the thin ice we are skating on. About authors who keep trying to help us with stories about goats and pieces of advice from experience experts in their self-help books. Not being the only ones is comforting,…Continue Reading “I would like to mount my immunity”

BLOG | What do you believe in?

A couple of years ago, a nice guy asked me at our date what I dream of. Whether I had dreams and what those were. I took it too literally, so I told him that I had a lot of dreams. “I dream pretty much always,” I said. He asked me to give an example, so I did. “One of the dreams I am having since I was a little girl, is that I am being followed by a dinosaur. By now, I can run…Continue Reading “What do you believe in?”

BLOG | What moves me an inspiring question

What moves you? An uncoordinated stream of thoughts, voices, desires, dream, fantasies, plans and expectations is flooding my mind. It’s hard to answer such questions, since I tend to do things thoroughly. I could, for example, tell you what literally makes me move – think of sports or travelling; trekking by bike or on foot. I could also dig a little deeper and ask my self what my motive is to move at all or what makes me move in life. That’s the moment I…Continue Reading “What moves you?”

BLOG | Full fear ahead

Two days after writing my first blog, I ended up giving well-meant advice myself. It is good to be a listener and to be sympathetic, but on the other hand, you’d want to help someone. That shows that you actually care about someone. It shows you believe in them. As my dad told me last week: “Conversations with friends don’t serve as therapy. Your friends are there to talk to and with and to hold up that mirror to you, because they are simply better…Continue Reading “Full fear ahead!”

BLOG | Clichés and well-meant advice

Listen to your heart and don’t be too harsh on yourself. Stop wanting so much, life’s short and you’re not obliged to anything. There’s a time and place for everything. Just relax! Let it go! Care about yourself every now and then. Go do something fun, and remember you can always call me! Oh well, you can only do one thing at a time. You’ll get there, you’re massively strong. Just don’t pretend to be stronger than you actually are. Why do we want to…Continue Reading “Clichés and well-meant advice”