BLOG | Moj najbolji Vikend

In class we had to write an “essay” about our favourite, or best, weekend. Although it’s not even 150 words, it is my first story in Croatian. Thought it would be fun to share. Moj najbolji vikend Svake godine organiziram avanturu za moj rođendan. Ovo je moj najbolji vikend u godini. Ove godine sam išla na kampiranje s prijateljima. Negdje u šumi u Nizozemskoj našli smo mjesto gdje smo smjeli napraviti vatru. Moj rođendan je u siječnju, ali ove godine nije bilo hladno. Prvo smo…Continue Reading “Moj najbolji vikend”

BLOG | Life in Zagreb

At the end of the month I’d like to look back on what I’ve done, on how I felt and what was on my mind. While scrolling through the photos, I immediately got a smile on my face. I like Zagreb. It’s been almost two months since I left the Netherlands and although I thought I didn’t do much, except for learning Croatian, it turned out that I explored quite a bit. So, here’s a photo journal about my life in Zagreb and an unorganized…Continue Reading “Life in Zagreb, two months in Croatia’s capital city”

BLOG | Back to School | City Talk, Zagreb

Dobro došli. Welcome. Doći, argh a ći-verb. Došla sam? Išla, mogla, željela, mislila, gledala – the lala’s and sams dance around the class room. My head is spinning. All verbs I know have changed. Meet the Croatian language. It takes a while for me to realize we’re gonna do the past tense. Excitement, let’s do this. “Bila sam u Sarajev… uhh”, static place, lokativ, ending on -o = srednji rod… u. “Bila sam u Sarajevu.” I was in Sarajevo. Kada? When? I want to say…Continue Reading “Back to School”

BLOG | Hello Zagreb | THE VIEW

When I open my eyes it’s dark, but I know we arrived in Zagreb. Hello Zagreb! The bus waits for a traffic light, when I look to the right I see McDonald’s and the casino. My eyes search for the church, the church on the opposite side of the building I live. Found it. It’s not the prettiest neighbourhood in Zagreb, but I’m excited to be back. Even though I only live and lived here for a few months, it feels like “my” neighbourhood. And…Continue Reading “Hello Zagreb”

BLOG | Caught in a Dream

“I’ll let you part of my dream, if I can be part of yours” Bob Dylan said that “I’ll let you part of my dream, if I can be part of your reality” I said that ~ Sophie Hunger, Sophie Hunger Blues   Caught in a dream I walk the streets. Caught in a dream. Zovem se Eva, ja sam iz Nizozemske, iz Amsterdama. Živim u Zagrebu. I walk. The wind blows. It’s spring. Sada je proljeće, but the winter is still here. Zagreb is…Continue Reading “Caught in a dream”

BLOG | Storyteller

Quite often I loose myself in trying to find answers. The right answers of course. I know that they don’t exist and if they do, that they will change all the time. There are no ultimate answers and that’s OK. I accepted that, but sometimes I forget. I forget that I accepted it. And that it was OK. At the same time, I really like thinking about possible answers. Nuance them, develop them. Talk about them. I like the process. And I like to séé…Continue Reading “Storyteller”

BLOG | What am I?

I remember that I once tried to write a song when I was a teenager. I just discovered the magic of music and words. I remember me sitting on my bed in my cozy orange room. It was in Almere, during high school. I even recorded it. But my lack of musical talent or the believe that I lacked musical talent, won. It has always been easier to list the things I am not good at. And it has always been easier to avoid the things…Continue Reading “What am I?”

BLOG | Another year

I’ve been a bit quiet the last few weeks. No new stories and no updates. I divide my time between Sarajevo and Zagreb. Between writing and hiking. Travel up and down, pay a visit to the mountains every now and then and meet lots of old and new friends. But what am I up to? I, most of the time, don’t even know myself… All I know is that and don’t want to go back yet. The photo on the left is taken on the…Continue Reading “Another year”

BLOG | Hollandia

It’s one of these days. Sentimental, melancholic. Tired. Six weeks in Croatia. I talk about The Netherlands. I don’t know what I feel. I’m in a town. A big town. Zagreb. I think of Amsterdam. I compare. Staying in a apartment. Comfortable. The piles of books remind me of home. My cozy little house. I listen to a Dutch composer. Simeon ten Holt, Canto Ostinato. The music gets to me. A friends birthday, I miss her. Hollandia, Amsterdam.