BLOG | Ski Hut Gorica, looking back on three months in Mavrovo National Park

The 5th of May I arrived in Mavrovi Anovi, at Ski Hut Gorica to be precise. This mountain lodge has been my home base for May, June and July. In the first place I helped out with the usual things like cleaning and making the beds, helping guests to find their way around and providing them with information to have them explore Mavrovo National Park. But there were also quite a bunch of other jobs such as painting furniture, building lockers and gardening for example….Continue Reading “Work Away at Ski Hut Gorica, how I spent my time”

BLOG | Trebevic Tales | Up and down

Here I am again, back on my blog and I got another (by the time I post it) old update for you. Here’s the fourth and last part of my Trebević work-away adventure: Trebević Tales #4 “UP and DOWN”. The second half of January It took a while to write this post, because I wasn’t sure what to share and what not. I still don’t know, but what I do know is that I started my blog with the idea to write about what I…Continue Reading “UP and DOWN ~ Trebević Tales #4”


It has been over a month since my last update, but before I move on to new stories, I’d like to write the third part of my “Trebević Tales” series, the episode where we got snowed in. Or snowed out actually. Anyhow. Let me see, I think my last update stopped somewhere on the way down. Down to town. Yes. After almost two weeks on Trebević mountain I desperately needed a shower – wash and brush my hair, that kind of stuff. So, together with…Continue Reading “Snowed in ~ Trebević Tales #3”

BLOG | Mountain Life

The first week on Trebević felt like one big weekend. There were people coming up for tea or coffee, for a warm meal, for a beer or something stronger. There were people spending the night at the hut, there was another volunteer from Brazil and there was a New Year’s Eve party and a New Year’s Day hike. Busy winter holidays. The second week brought some snow, nothing major, but enough to cover Trebević with a fresh white blanket. So so beautiful. Every moment of…Continue Reading “Mountain Life ~ Trebević Tales #2”

BLOG | Trebević Tales

“What are you doing for Christmas? Where will you be at New Year’s Eve? Do you have plans for your birthday?” Same questions every year. More or less same answer every year. “Don’t know, I’ll see.” For me the holidays aren’t anything special. I’d be totally fine hanging out in a hut, shovelling snow, making fire, walk a little, read a little. But to be honest this year I did feel like spending time with friends. Maybe I could do this walking, fire- making and…Continue Reading “The Wild One & Me ~ Trebević Tales #1”

BLOG | Bouldering in Prilep, North Macedonia

The flow took me to Prilep, a town in South Macedonia. Prilep is known for its tobacco and beer and for the boulders. Although I already had an idea what awaited me because I watched the 2014 Petzl Roc Trip video about bouldering in Prilep, but these mountains, these rocks, they left me speechless. Someone said “it’s like a giant randomly dumped huge stones on a mountain” – so true. There are stones everywhere. “Keien” I would say in Dutch, boulders it probably is in…Continue Reading “Bouldering in Prilep, North Macedonia”

BLOG | Sarajevo City Escape: Into the White Bosnian Mountains

What to do with Christmas and New Year Eve. Same question every year.. Well, since I’m not home or walking home for Christmas, I thought it would be best to escape the city and plan a little trip to the mountains. Apparently I’m not the only one who liked the idea of getting away. My oldest friend from Amsterdam, Caroline, flew to Sarajevo and accompanied me on this beautiful, but freezing cold winter holiday in the Bosnian mountains. The great thing about Sarajevo is that…Continue Reading “Sarajevo City Escape: Into the White Bosnian Mountains”

BLOG | What I Talk About When I Talk About Running

Be aware that although the title of this story has the word running in it, it is just as much about my innertrail as it is about running. Trailrunning is hot, just like the outfits. Saturday the 5th of June a bunch of colourful dressed up runners with high-rised socks gathered at Hotel Bjelašnica for the Vučko Trail. Although in the Alps and even in The Netherlands there are several trailrun events every weekend, here in Bosnia and Herzegovina it is still upcoming. This was the second…Continue Reading “What I Talk About When I Talk About Running”

BLOG | Soriška Planina

On a calm road going from Bohinjska Bistrica, I was cycling my way up through the woods. I left early so I would have plenty of time for the scenic route. The other holiday cyclists I met at the campsite, avoided climbing their way up and took the road along the river. I avoided other holiday cyclists, so I went through the pass. According to my map, this would be the last climb before reaching Ljubljana, or at least I thought it would be. A very…Continue Reading “Soriška Planina”

BLOG | Alpine Adventures

Summer 2014, I decided to give climbing another chance. Don’t get me wrong, I looooove climbing and I looooove mountains and I even looooove climbing mountains, but there is an undeniable downside. The danger. For I while I thought I was not brave enough and not skilled enough. Perhaps both are true, but I think it’s not just about that. We talk about MOUNTAINS and nature here! I couldn’t help thinking “who am I to climb these giants?” So many people take such big risks…Continue Reading “Alpine Adventures”

BLOG | 4 Days hiking on the Alta Via Dolomiti

Although I would love to hike the complete Alta Via Dolomiti, I knew that I could never convince my friend to join me on a trip like that. Every year we plan a little trip together. Do something memorable. 4 hours, 4 days or 2 weeks, it doesn’t matter. We know each other since we are four or five years old, it’s a beautiful thing to have a history with someone that goes back that far. Even more beautiful when it’s a history full of…Continue Reading “4 Days hiking on the Alta Via Dolomiti”